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  1. Hey @frank_d, Thanks for the topic! It would be helpful to have statistics showing the number of messages we receive. This data would allow us to make more informed decisions and identify any communication issues that may be affecting our conversion rate. It's super important that we have a graph displaying both the total number of messages received and the total number of messages received per gig.
  2. I absolutely agree! Also, in my opinion, there should be an option to easily search for something on the website including the client's usernames and messaging history.
  3. One buyer requested a consultation, and I told them to go to my profile and book the consultation there. However, it didn't work and I received a message like "an order request" when someone requested a quote from your profile. There was no transaction.
  4. Hello, I think that it would be a great idea to see our profile analytics, just like the analytics with our gigs. It would be good if we could see how many people have seen our profiles (not just gigs). This may be useful in some cases, especially with the new "consultation" option that is in beta right now. It's not a game changer or something like that but, I think that it will be a good way for us to gain more insights into how the customers interact with our profiles. Thanks!
  5. I received the same message right now.
  6. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are also slow to me.
  7. We are comparing apples to oranges if 5 people comment and answer the question. If more people answer, there will be a statistic that can show a general trend.
  8. That may be true in this case but for example, I want to see if there is a general trend in decreasing the traffic on Fiverr as a whole and therefore having less business on the platform for most people because it's July and August. If most sellers, say they see an increase, and I see a decrease, then probably I'm doing something wrong and I need to work harder. I see a value in this question but only if more people answer so we can have some kind of statistics.
  9. I didn't know that. Are you sure about this? Do you have a reference?
  10. Can you tell us what exactly did you change? I have the same problem. 3 months with zero impressions and maximum $3 bid?
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