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  1. Hi there! I hope that you guys are doing well. I have a question, can we create a gig as a normal gig and the same topic gig in Fiverr Pro category? Because we don't have any option to convert a normal gig to Pro. Thanks
  2. You're right. It's kind of indication but the color of the section is a warning color LOL. Never-mind, I am just kidding.
  3. My apologies, I was referring to the recent warning that Fiverr issued to profiles of people from Pakistan.
  4. The recent ban on Fiverr in Pakistan is a sad development for our country. While Fiverr is not to blame for the ban, as it is understandable that they would not want to risk their reputation by allowing orders to be placed from a country with an unreliable internet connection, it is still a blow to the Pakistani economy and to the many freelancers who rely on the platform to make a living. Instead of blaming Fiverr, we should be directing our anger at the politicians and the PTA, who are responsible for the internet outages that led to the ban in the first place. These outages are a clear sign of the government's incompetence and disregard for the needs of the people. We need to hold our leaders accountable for their actions and demand that they take steps to ensure that the internet remains accessible to all Pakistanis. Only then can we begin to rebuild the economy and create opportunities for our citizens.
  5. I can also see that you just have 5 reviews. On a new profile, if you get a negative review, it will impact overall badly.
  6. That might be the reason. Getting a negative review destroys the gig as well as profile.
  7. Have you received a negative review on it recently?
  8. Hi everyone, especially Fiverr Team. My name is Zeeshan and I am a Top Rated Seller for more than 3 years now. Everything in Fiverr is perfect except for one thing that always bug me. It's the search system in messaging system. Whenever I talk to my clients and they demanded to pick some things like credentials or anything from past chat, there is no way to do it quicker. The only way that works is opening a long chat by scrolling up and then do a search using browsers search to get the things done. This thing take a lot of time and wondering if this thing is in your notice and can be fixed soon? Thanks!
  9. Nice to meet you guys. Zeeshan here. I am a WordPress developer with TRS Rank on Fiverr.
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