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  1. Yes, low-quality videos will bring anything but a good result. The majority of the sellers may not possess the skill to make one. However, I tried many times adding videos to the gig but didn't get a remarkable positive outcome. Rather an image thumbnail brought much more clicks than a video. Maybe the quality was not up to the mark. Another thing is video replaces the image thumbnail and whatever thumbnail we use, has to be taken from the video which is unfeasible to show something artistic design. We can include a banner in a video and use that as a thumbnail by using the feature available, in that case, the banner may not be well suited to the video scene. Ultimately, it's getting complicated. How about allowing sellers to use a custom thumbnail which is not mandatory to take from the video?
  2. I am interested in applying for an agency account, but I couldn't find any useful resources to apply. Can you please guide me on how to get an invitation for an agency account? I belong to the programming and tech category. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. So in the new level system, every seller will be eligible for the Seller Plus program? How will they get access to it?
  4. I saw on the Facebook group that some other guys also got this invitation. However, did you sign up for this program? How is Fiverr going to compensate the trainerr?
  5. What about the website development category? I presume we have to attach screenshots of the web pages, right? We generally attach a snapshot of the landing page or home page only. But what if there are more than 10 pages and 100 products? Do we have to attach screenshots of all the web and product pages?
  6. You can open a ticket at the CS section or shoot an email to this address support@fiverr.com.
  7. Before posting anything, try to find out if someone already posted on the same issue you are facing. Chances are, someone already did. You might find your answer there and you don't have to repeat the thread. You are now looking to know about staying online. It's not mandatory to stay online all day long which is already discussed more than a thousand times. If you could have searched the forum, you could find the answer already and you didn't have to post it again. However, Fiverr never encourages us to stay online. All it says is to reply to customer's inquiries faster. In that case, if you just use a mobile app, that's enough. Or you can stay online when you tweak your profile or gig or visit the forum and educate yourself. Another thing, the extension you are using is not officially released by Fiverr, and using such an extension will bring you nothing but if Fiverr can make sense you are cheating, you may be penalized. It's just a prejudice to stay always online. There are a lot more, if you want to educate yourself have a walk through this post.
  8. That's amazing. I can see you've worked with some reputed companies also. Keep up the good work.
  9. hedayetsaadi556


    Your referred article says video video-adding option is at the bottom left corner after scrolling down. But I can't see it there. The last section I can see is certification. Attached screenshot for your understanding. Is it something like a beta or a "not for all" feature?
  10. Perhaps this is the reason why Fiverr decided to launch the new badge. It'll encourage experienced forum members to start a conversation, share thoughts, and let the community grow. As to spammers, moderators will take care of them.
  11. There should be some guidance for the sellers as well so they can do what is needed to gain success as buyers got a new tool.
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