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Found 24 results

  1. Hi if you need video editor for your channel or any other platform then contact me with this code #SAMYOURMINE I will give you 50% dicount
  2. 171 / 5,000 I am a new video editor on Fiverr with three years experience and I create 4 gigs on my profile but I didn't get a good answer. Question is that what I can do now, I create 3 more gigs or wait for a good result
  3. Hi Lovely Guys ! Please suggest me some free software or app or website which can create introduction video to be used in my gig. I have script and idea what to present in that, but not sure which app can implement that ? Nothing just simple sketch pen animation, cartoonish which can catch attention of viewer. Love you !
  4. Hi, everyone. I am an artist and I added videos to my gigs, but I realised on mobile, my gig thumbnails become the video's thumbnail. I want to set the primary photos as the gig thumbnail. But I couldn't find a way to do it. Is there a way to change the thumbnail to my primary photo back, or the only way would be adding primary photo to video an set that frame as the preview? Waiting for your answers.
  5. I have contacted Fiverr support four times, opening four separate tickets, with multiple screenshots attached trying in vain to explain what the problem is. It's really irritates me that even with a very clear explanation, and screenshots showing the problem, they will still send out a generic email which solves absolutely nothing. "Customer support" stresses cleaning out the computer's cache and history to fix the problem. Really?!? Are you guys kidding me? "Please click on PUBLISH BUTTON to fix your problem". - I CAN'T, FIVERR; you haven't approved my 74 second video! I have a 74 second video on my gig to showcase what I am offering. That video has been "processing" for three days now. With four tickets submitted to Fiverr support, they can "not see the problem on their end" and must send it to another team ?!?!?! Even though the screenshots shows it it plain detail. How many teams need to deal with the clicking of one button? 😑 Is this the norm with customer support? Treat the seller like a child and totally ignore their requests? Am I alone, or does anyone else have to explain themselves half a dozen times to get something done?
  6. Hello Everyone I hope you are all fine. My Question is some seller got option of introduction video but this feature is not showing me in in my seller account
  7. When I upload my video for my gig, the video runs perfectly but the thumbnail corrupts with green artifacts. Support didn't help unfortunately.
  8. Hellooo! I completed over 300 orders already and only 2% to 4% availed the source file. I make video and graphic design. Do you have any tip on how to sell them the source file? I don't want to offer it for free so I offer it as an extra.
  9. I meant about Milestone projects, I'm just curious because I recently I had a client who at first offered me $100 for the job which was too low for a 5 minute animation that has like 10 characters and I told that $500 was the reasonable amount to work with but he said he couldn't afford that amount. We worked down the price to $275 with some exceptions but asked me if he can pay in a milestone to test me (he has his right to do that, I know). He wants to pay $75 for the first week and the rest of $200 at the end. So the question is, can a person pay only for the first mile stone and not pay for the rest. And No, I am not saying that he is suspicious or he would do something like that but I wanna know if something like this can happen since I don't want to stay up all night and work for a whole month and not get fully paid at the end.
  10. Hello Everybody! I am looking for an answer about the ambiguity in my mind. Is it allow for sellers to post an introductory video of self in the gig page/gallery? looking forward to your responses. Best Regards!
  11. Plz Tell me my gig improvements i am not getting orders right now i got many orders before and i was not getting orders this year so i changes my basic package price 5 to 15$ so again its same plz tell me any imrovements even i get clicks and impressions.
  12. Hi! My name is Atin, I am a video editor and animator. So, I’ve been as Fiverr’s seller since March 2021. I have done several projects and received satisfied rating from my clients. But at that moment, I sold my gig about $5-$20, which is quite low and underpaid myself. So, now I increase my selling price which the price now is about 25$-55$. Is this a good idea or not? My fiverr: atinhub https://www.fiverr.com/s2/fc368031c6
  13. On 14.04.22 I've uploaded a video on my existing gig to boost my reach. Till now it says 'Under review by our Trust & Safety team' So how long it will take to process my video? I'm already working on another video for my other gig.
  14. Does anyone know how we can set a thumbnail of video that we attach while publishing gig on Fiverr? Fiverr is chosing a random image of the video file. I want to set a particular image of the video which should show up while someone searches on fiverr and my gig appears on the serach results. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I am sad. It has been long am nt getting any order inspite of sending regular buyer req. What should I do without having patience !!
  16. I uploaded a video a few days ago to my gig gallery, unfortunatly my video got too blurry, which looks a lot pale , click only 4 in last six days, well anyway,,i dont think about video anymore , i wont video to delete a gig image that i have created ,is it possible to damage my account too much if i edit it? what are some of the things i need to keep in mind when deleting video image?
  17. So guys I just finished a job on fiverr, (I am a video editor) and the final project was 3gb in size. Can that size of video be used in my live portfolio? Because my clients says he has given me permission already to use but it's not showing in my live portfolio
  18. Hey guys, i'm new here and i want to take my first project. You can see my video intoduction here: Edit a professional short video by Maxon21 | Fiverr βž•I have been working in a filmmaking company for two years as a video designer. I do professional video editing, video graphics, animation and cartoons. βž• Besides, I work with bloggers, entrepreneurs and big companies, 100% result success βž• I am an expert in the following areas: βœ… Instagram ADS βœ… Facebook ADS βœ… YouTube videos βœ… Thumbnails βœ… Logo animations βœ… Cinematic titles βœ… Color correction βœ… Intros & Outros βœ… Video interviews βœ… Travel videos βœ… Music videos βœ… Slideshow βœ… Podcasts βœ… Branding transitions, animations, fonts and colors βœ… Family videos As soon as we start cooperating, you enjoy pleasant and straightforward communication and precise deadlines. My favorite software: βœ… Adobe Premiere Pro βœ… Adobe After Effects Don't hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, Max Krivoruchko
  19. Hey there, I've made a GIG which containing video (my service related). Please see my GIG and tell me how it is? GIG πŸ‘‰ https://www.fiverr.com/s2/d649a4669f
  20. Can I setting Gig's video thumbnails after publishing Gig? Because, my gig video looks bad.Lock my gig
  21. I joined in Sep 2019 on Fiverr. I am still working on Fiverr. It was an wonderful journey. but now my gig is dropping help me i am level one sealer https://www.fiverr.com/share/27mdAr https://www.fiverr.com/share/bmPqeP https://www.fiverr.com/share/7Gm0Xx
  22. I've looked at a few examples of other sellers choosing to record "lecture" videos for tutoring requests, but the point of tutoring is to be able to interact with the "student" during the session. Is there any way to conference with the buyer as part of the gig, aka, the buyer orders a live tutoring session where they can actively ask questions during the session? I feel like this would be more valuable for a tutoring gig than recording a lecture and sending the file - and also easier on me, so I know I'm giving exactly the level of detail for what they paid for. I've seen a few forum posts about being able to have a Zoom call with the client through fiverr, but that was only like 3 comments, and I'm still not sure that's even an option. I appreciate the help!
  23. Hello! I have two years experience as a professional video editor & graphics. I wanna take some project after work as a freelancer, so now i created my first Gig on Fiverr with my video introduction (for more explaining of my works and me in general). On my opinion, there is everything is clear. Can anyone check it and give me some tips? Look here: https://www.fiverr.com/share/v31rNA Thx a lot! Kind regards, Max K.
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