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  1. Not necessary to stay online 24 hours a day. Just make you reply to the inquiries as soon as possible.
  2. Could you please elaborate each points a little more so we can make sense how to apply these tips?
  3. This is so old topic. I’ve seen plenty of posts on it. Please try to use the search option before you post anything on this forum. On the other hand, I think there should have a moderation process to sensor the posts. If it seems to be important for the community, then approve the it.
  4. Use google keyword planner to find best keywords in your niche
  5. Selling/buying backlink is black hat SEO technique that’s not recommended by Google, neither Fiverr. You were selling the service that’s not legal or allowed. For this reason your gig were removed from the marketplace.
  6. Field and seller location can be important factors in this regard. If you think about web design field, it’d be difficult to find a gig on the search result page that doesn’t have a review. So chances of getting an order is almost none.
  7. Then, how will a new comer get the first sale? Do buyer orders a gig that doesn’t have a single review where there are plenty of gigs with trustworthy reviews and ratings?
  8. Go through it. The topic you posted isn’t a new stuff. Please try to use the search option before posting a thread on the forum. If the topic is new and none discussed it, then create a post. Otherwise, it’s not recommended to post a thread with same topic that’s already discussed multiple times.
  9. I thing before sending an offer, there should have a small discussion and agree with the terms, services and budgets. Because sending an offer before discussing in detail can be considered as discourteous.
  10. Roam around this forum and go through the tips share by the experienced sellers. You’ll find a category called fiverr tips. Go to that category and read out the top posts. You’ll find a way to develop your profile.
  11. I don’t see any problem with extension request. It’s one minute late or a day doesn’t matter. Fiverr will count it as late delivery. Sale will drastically fall down. So if I request for extension, it doesn’t cost me anything but save my stat.
  12. Data entry is a basic, competitive and cheap category. I’d like to suggest developing a new skill that has massive demand on the market. It’ll help you get big deals and grow fast.
  13. Hope fiverr staff can answer it better. You can directly get in touch with the CS center.
  14. Most of the customers don’t’ buy just the solution or the service. They buy care and relationship. If you think about Coca Cola, why they are selling well? It’s just a drink. But they represent the product as happiness. People buy the happiness not the drink. You need to find out something like this. Let your customers feel secured and cared. Customers are human being too.
  15. You can send email through this address: support@fiverr.com
  16. Yes, it loads fine after cleaning the cookies. But, it’s not for one time, I’m facing this error very often. Is there any permanent solution.
  17. 2021-02-23 (1)1366×768 20.7 KB 2021-02-231366×768 16.7 KBI’m unable to load any page from the forum. I face these errors very often recently. Is there any way to get rid of this? It works well and signs me out when I delete cookies of the last one hour. Any idea why it happens and how to get rid of this?
  18. I had some favorite forum members whose comments and posts I always try to follow. After a long time, I logged into the forum and trying to check out their discussed topics. But whenever I click on their username, it’s saying “This user’s public profile is hidden”. What happened to these profiles? They intentionally made it private or done by moderators?
  19. Their channel has much more than the website. I watched most of them all. Do you think these are movie clip or they shot it by themselves?
  20. Customer support executive already confirmed you multiple times that you can run paid campaign.
  21. Watched this video so many times. It made my day. Now I’ll create a post on my blog on it. Thanks for sharing this.
  22. Agreed. I don’t see any better way to get started without responding to buyer’s requests. You can promote on social media but targeting audience is much more difficult than convincing a buyer through that BR page. There are lots of cheap buyers but we have no choice. Fiverr is built with a cheap reputation. At the very beginning of this platform, gig price couldn’t be more or less than $5, whatever you sell. This thing developed a cheap perception on the customers mind.
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