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  1. Then let them know. Take the opportunity to talk to them using “Buyer Request” feature.
  2. “Buyers only like high level sellers” That’s not true. Every “High Level” seller was a newbie one day.
  3. A warning means a violation of the TOS. Two violations in just one month clearly mean that you didn’t take a few minutes to read the TOS. Now take that few minutes to read this. Here is the link: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service?source=footer Opening new account (which is also a violation of the TOS) would never help you unless you read this. Best of luck.
  4. You can contact CS and explain what happened. I hope they will sort it out.
  5. Actually when you added your Payoneer account to your Fiverr account as the payment method, Fiver just redirected you to Payoneer site and payoneer did the rest. That’s why Fiverr don’t have much to do about it. Did you contact Fiverr support? They may help if you explain the situation.
  6. You have already got a very useful tip today. I hope you now understand why it’s necessary to be in the community.
  7. Internet connection can be multiple as long as you are using the same device. You must use different internet connections when you are traveling or moving to different places.
  8. 4.3 is not a bad rating at all. Be happy with that. Last week I got a 4.3 star rating with a nice tip and a great comment.
  9. Sellers had the option to request the buyer for changing the reviews years ago. Now it’s not there. I am not sure if your buyer can change the review by contacting but I am sure of one thing, you will get a warning.
  10. Did you deactivate your account or just logged out? If you deactivated your account, it means you are no longer a Fiverr user. How can they refund you if you are not there?
  11. “You don’t know what it is” is the big problem, I guess. :thinking:
  12. A few minutes ago one of my order delivery was accepted with a nice tip and no review. It means the buyer is happy with the delivery but not willing to spend time writing a review and I am happy with that.
  13. That can be considered as a blank delivery which is against the ToS. May be the buyer is too busy to follow up. I think it would be a good idea to wait till they come back.
  14. Go to resolution center and request an extension of the delivery time. If the buyer accept the request when they come online, the order won’t be late.
  15. There is no trick actually. All you have to do is making the buyer confident that you understood the job and can do it perfectly. That’s not true. I got many orders which were posted with $5 budget but I offered $50 and got them.
  16. " Buyer requests are useless….!" I can never say that. I got most of the orders from buyer requests. In fact, I love this feature because I have the options to choose the job.
  17. Yeah, you may not see that happening. How about this… You will see many gigs having hundreds of favorites with zero order. Everybody trusts them but nobody orders. They have been trustworthy sellers without selling anything. 😀
  18. What would you think if you see a gig that has 100 favorites and only 5 orders with 3 negative reviews?
  19. Hi Paulina, Welcome to the community. Enjoy!
  20. He got some tools like google translate to communicate in all these languages. Now he is in search of a smart tool to stay online 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  21. You typed your contact number in the text box and “mistakenly” hit the send button. What was your actual purpose of typing the contact number in the text box? People type text in there only for sending to somebody.
  22. First of all, the buyer(?) didn’t make any mistake, they did it on purpose. They invented this new way of scamming. If you requested CS, they could help you with cancelling the order without affecting you rating. But now there is no hope because you made the first mistake by doing transaction outside Fiverr.
  23. You mean this forum badge, I guess. Well it represents your activities in the forum.
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