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  1. Hello @melissamosher_, what is your current seller level? and How many gigs are active? If you are a "Level One" seller you can have "4 Active" gigs at a time according to the new Fiverr updates!
  2. What are the services you were selling?
  3. It's been almost a month, the club is down without any prior notice.
  4. We know the club was a great way to communicate and share information within the community of native freelancers. As of now, the community club is no longer available how can we stay in touch and share our common issues with the native freelancers and demand a solution from the Fiverr authority?
  5. If your level is "New Seller" you can only have 4 Gigs active at a time till the next level! read: https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010560118-Fiverr-s-new-level-system
  6. Hi Haseebullaha, if your current level is "New Seller", you have already reached your active gig limit. Please concentrate on your existing 4 gigs until the next level.
  7. As you already realized 'we can not resonate with some people"! what if the buyer still gives you a bad review next? We have to encounter such disadvantages as a seller and have to accept it. But I believe this won't hold up your success! Just ask a fair price for more revisions as people suggested above.
  8. Community club was really a great window to stay in touch with my native freelancers...
  9. I can't access my community club which is an extremely helpful window to stay closer to my native freelancers. Any clue?
  10. @pinksamuraiii They will exist even in this new review model, once they become familiar with the rating system they will do the same with this, and then what is the point of this?
  11. I believe this review model is a great way to filter out standard and quality sellers but we sellers always face the discomfort of every change at the first wave. And I think this review model will take 3-6 months to achieve its vision. By that time there might be discomfort!! Best wishes for all, happy freelancing!
  12. I heard some people use auto-refresh to stay online, isn't it against the Fiverr TOS?
  13. Thank you! But my question was can I refer my client and get order from him?
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