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Found 6 results

  1. Which order has more worth, the custom order or the one which buyer buy itself from our listed packages. For Example: If client work is of 5$, then we have to create a custom order for him or he will buy or gig 5$ package Kindly share your experiences, which one will be the best?
  2. I got my first Order here on fiverr. It has been a great experience.Looking forward for more orders
  3. Hi, I'm pretty new on Fiverr. Actually, this was my 23rd day and I already completed a project and also have two Orders I'm currently working on! Today on Fiverr Forum, a seller asked me how I did it, and here is my responses. To begin with, I let him know I don't have much secret to that (his request "How to you get first order?") But I let him know I have some personal quick tips for him maybe he can follow them.! 1. I took my time to set up my gig, I have few samples and I ensure to use the best of my work on my gig image! 2. I write a compelling description so that buyers can hire me! I asked him to check my gig on how I structured my description. 3. Furthermore, my pricing was relatively cheap, I wasn't that cheap and wasn't over charging, I check few other sellers in my category and ensure to use the best pricing list. 4. This is my 23rd days on Fiverr, I got my first message and order on the 12th day, meaning I was very patient to get there, Meanwhile I market my gig on my social media, that in turn drives more impression and clicks, which is later converting to Order... I'm yet to have any reviews on my gig, but I'm working hard so that the two Orders I currently have will convert to a positive reviews... I hope some of you will find this little tips helpful, I'll be open to receive more tips to help sellers make their first 10 sales on Fiverr. Thank you if you read this to this point. 💗
  4. It has been more than 2 months and I haven't received any single order on fiverr. I have done each and regarding which is recommended. I have done SEO research, made 6 gigs, remain online on fiverr, send buyer requests daily. But still I am not seeing any improvement. Kindly guide me and help. Give me some suggestions or tell me my mistakes if there are any in my profile. Here is the link: the_veerraj .
  5. HI everyone AM Ayesha please guide me am new seller on fiverr and i have completed my 3 orders with 5 star and reviews but after this my impression is going drop day by day and no order there please suggest solution Thanks Regards Ayesha
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