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  1. What did you actually mean by "caught"?
  2. This is a maintenance, not an update and the maintenance is done already. But yes, we can hope, they are working on this feature.
  3. Yes, I also get this type of messaged and unfortunately I have to respond to them to save the "response rate".
  4. Yes, this is a problem that I face many times. They put the order in revision only to ask a question and I have to make the delivery again.
  5. Recently I edited a few of my gigs (description, image, videos, price, tags etc.). Impressions fell down for a few days and later all of them came back to their positions. So you can go ahead with editing if you need.
  6. This is a bad advice. Requesting the buyer to edit/ upgrade their ratings will end up with a confirmed warning to the seller account.
  7. I experienced this inbox attachment issue yesterday while responding to a client, and an hour later it was fixed. I hope all these problems will be resolved after this upcoming site maintenance.
  8. I think it happens from the buyer's side. They should contact support team to fix the problem.
  9. Your order has already been complete. Now make a new deal with this "new buyer".
  10. Welcome to the community. Wish you a happy journey. Nice artwork, loved it.👍
  11. Yes, it affects your gig ranking. Your "On-time Delivery" ratings go down because of it.
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