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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there! I just share the story with everyone that for the first time I got more than 3 orders in a day with just over 1 month. Before that, I only had 1 order per day and I thought "Hmm.I know when I'll get to the top". After a long time I got to the top and more and more orders. I want to share with you that we have to wait patiently and try to complete orders with customers as quickly as possible. Then the order will come to us! 😉 Thanks everyone for reading!
  2. How can I add a new milestone in my existing projects with 2 milestones? Can I add 3rd milestone now?
  3. Hello everyone, Hope all are well ! I am well, too. I have a question, I hope an experienced freelancer can be able to answer it. How I can get orders or clients regularly or 2-3 in a week ? What steps should I take for it ? And What steps you takes for regular orders ? Please comment Below and Help me
  4. Please give me some instruction, How I get order on fiverr?
  5. How to Compete Order on Fiber. Order Processing On Fiverr 1. When the client orders you, you will receive a notification via fiber. 2. When ordering you will see a watch within how much time you need to finish the job. 3. When you receive the order, you will understand everything and give a thank you message. 4. Start to work. If you do not want to work, go to Visit the Resolution Center to Declined the order. 5. If the work is more or more complicated than you can tell the client to take more extras. Okay 6. Click the Deliver Your Order button to send the file when finished. 7. The client will review your work and let you know if there is any connection. 8. Now your order is done. Thank you so much for read this topic.
  6. All the gigs are ranked but not getting order? https://www.fiverr.com/s2/2c7ffcc246
  7. Is the Fiverr market place effected hugely by the pandemic? give your honest opinions please. Are you all getting orders frequently now like before the pandemic?
  8. One of my client want to work on hourly basis. Is there any way to track hours on fiverr? Can anyone please give me suggestion regarding this?
  9. Hello, I am working to get new orders on Fiverr. I am really interested in the platform. How can I get more orders? Thanks
  10. What's the best way to orders for a new sellers when we've got virtually no ratings at all (no room for trust) Buyer requests has been at an all time low; just one in the last few days and offers have already been sent in We've been on Fiverr for almost three months coming and we're getting desolate
  11. how to get orders iam new i haven't get any orders yet....guide me what to do...?here is my gig tell me about my gig to is it ok or any problrm there...:( https://www.fiverr.com/s2/cc812acb39
  13. hi dear, please help me. last month i earn fiver level one batch and i was complete 26 order than lost my profile rank and last 1 month i don,t want any new order. what this causes. please suggest me how i find new order regards mahedi
  14. Three continuous orders from the same buyer without any review🤔
  15. Hi, I'm kainash babar. I have started my fiver journey since 2016. I have created my account on fiverr in 2106. But I have no skill. Then again i create my account on fiverr in Jan 2020. After, one month I received 2 orders. My niche is Graphics Designing. Now I'm Level One Seller with 140+ Reviews. Now the journey to LEVEL TWO Continues...
  16. I was a level 2 seller. Suddenly I stopped getting orders on fiverr. Then I lost my level 2, I was demoted to LVL 1. After another month I lost LVL 1 too. Now I'm a new level seller. I'm not getting that much orders on fiverr now. What should I do now?
  17. I need to post a buyer request, so I can attract more customers. But I don't know how to. If you know, pls let me know.
  18. Hi! I'm a new seller on Fiverr. I created a transcription gig, but I'm having trouble with getting orders. It's been several days, and I don't have any orders. I don't know whether it's because I'm new, or because there's a problem in the way I've presented my gig. Please give me some advice on how I can receive orders.
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