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  1. Could there be some sort of a misunderstanding/ communication issue? Maybe your clients are expecting something else from your services? You could still be doing the job correctly - some people just like constant communication! (I also give good reviews to everyone and agree the system is faulty but it's more unbiased like this. However it does take away our freedom to say anything (since if we leave a negative review but get a positive one from the buyer it could be strange!)
  2. Can we spam this thread until everyone can see it? (seriously though, it really is THIS simple.) Ignoring the fact that some people have 0 talent, of course.) (I like seeing a buyer's POV - when I purchase stuff on here it's mostly for fun - but I feel like when it's for serious projects it'd be very different!)
  3. Well, if she's outsourcing (for example, for off-fiverr projects) she still has the right to make BRs. But again, you could find her account really easily. The fact that people copypaste their replies to any BR they see isn't exactly her fault. Not saying spamming is OK - but I do think that disclosing even more of a buyer's account would be tricky. When I made a BR a few months back for a logo, 20!!!! people hunted me down and PMd me instead of replying like they should have. The status 'seller' might throw some people off (but others would just spam them blindly as well. It's okay to feel frustrated, but honestly speaking it's already really simple to pick and choose which people you respond to... (again, spamming is not okay. But seeing more about potential buyers could led to even more spam, so...)
  4. Well... I am a seller and I posted a buyer's request a few days ago... The order is already finished and the result was great (for once...) Even if she's posting in the same niche as hers - she might be looking to outsource. While I don't do it, others do... But also... you DID find the user pretty easily, so I really don't see the issue (unless they wrote to you thinking you were actually giving them a job, in which case they most likely misunderstood the concept.) I can smell a spam BR from far away. Instead of saying we need to know where sellers come from, why not say we should have a report button instead? Would make much more sense.. (Well, that's what I think at least.)
  5. So, I will start with the fact that I know this is a semi-unique problem to bigger orders (in my case, at least), however, it's... becoming a bit of an issue for me. I do take on a fair bit of orders at a time - and then give myself a pretty tight schedule. However, the schedule only works out if I get the feedback I need from customers roughly on time. (I do need the feedback, there's no way I can write 25-50k words without showing it to them even once... Not a good idea.) Still, I always start on an order pretty early on, so even if they reply a day or two later, it's okay! Recently, however, I got even busier (I'm moving abroad in two days, so...) However, that's not really the main issue. Somehow many buyers stopped replying to progress reports almost altogether. I'll send through a document and several (so not one or two person but, more) people just waited for a week (or more) to reply. Some of them are on a tight schedule, too. How do you go about this (when you absolutely NEED feedback?) Would it be possible for me to have a clause in my gigs that goes like 'if you don't reply within x days, the project might be delayed?' Would this be going too far? How do you deal with this? Do you send reminders to buyers if you send something through before delivery? Do you even send anything through (or do you just...deliver the full thing?) I realise people might be busy, but when they seem to be online several times and there's no response for weeks, it's a little odd, admittedly. (not good for my anxiety for sure, ha) (Forgive me for the 'rant'. I'm...really all over the place right now... both in my head and in my brains haha)
  6. Most of my messages come in when I'm sleeping or when I'm doing something else - will I reply quickly if I see them? Sure. But being on the site doesn't really help. As for the forum, no it doesn't even make you visible to buyers. The only cool thing is being able to chat and learn from others. If being active helped, there wouldn't be people who are online a lot and haven't had a single sale...
  7. Okay, I'll start πŸ˜„ I wouldn't particularly say I eat healthy, BUT it depends on your definition of - we have lots of veggies in our garden so when I'm bored I'll make an omelette with a side salad (tomatoes and either some olive oil or Japanese mayo, trust me it works!), onions and the like. I also make lots of stir-fries with minimal oil and as many veggies as the wok will take πŸ˜„ Roasting all the veggies together (I usually do onions, sweet potatoes, garlic, eggplant if we have any, zuccini, peppers and so on) and adding it to a salad base is great, too! When I'm abroad, I also like to make a small cheese-platter (toast, butter, honey, various cheeses, fruit) or hummus with veggies (not a fan of raw veggies but love hummus, so...) (as for non-healthy options... tons of meat prepared the Hungarian ways (roasted or in a stew, goulash and so on...)
  8. From a buyer's perspective (I use BR for random projects like art stuff) I would NOT even spare this a second glance. The reason isn't even the obvious 'it's boring. Everyone posts something like this. (As in 80% the same or more.) Dare to stand out. (Especially because most of the people saying they have a "lot of experience doing XY" offer the wrong thing... Copy paste stuff doesn't do well in the long run.)
  9. I am ALL for people practicing English (heck, I'm an ex-teacher!) but NO. And I'll explain why. If I want someone to draw a horse for me but they misunderstand and draw a house, but it's a very cool house, I'll either ask for a free revision or pay for it if they don't offer one (it could have been my typo.) If I put in an order for a horse - and I get a horse but it's...Not okay (drawing, not the actual animal) I might end up looking for another seller. Communication is very important but you have to be skilled to work here (or anywhere for that matter.) Orders won't just come pouring in for whatever you can sell for four bucks. You need skill. Or at least - a decent amount of talent.
  10. I feel like 'never give up' in general is pretty toxic - (that's maybe a little harsh but...). Once I was by the rocky seaside in Italy and I was NOT comfortable going in (I am a good swimmer but scared of falling off the rocks, lol). Instead of 'giving up' and finding another patch of the sandy beach, I let a friend convince me to try and go in. Guess who bashed in her arm that day. Been years but it still hurts from time to time. Pushing yourself until you reach your limit - or even seeking discomfort to some extent - is completely okay, but not knowing when to quit to try something else isn't. Especially not in business, because people who are pushing their crap 5-second gigs actually NEED the money that they aren't earning... Listening to people who say 'orders will come if you post BR every day' (and do nothing else other than some spamming) is actually NOT good for them. (But I doubt most will read this post. Very useful, but...)
  11. When I was in the US I was really confused by why the waitress checked on us every five minutes - if that happened here in Hungary (other than in, say a hotpot or KBBQ restaurant where you kinda need the staff's help from time to time) I probably would feel bothered... However, I'd understand since this is how they make money. That being said, in my eyes, restaurants aren't the same as online services (not completely, at least.) I personally, I always felt like Fiverr saying 'it is customary to leave a tip' (when it is absolutely not!) to be...emotionally manipulative for the above reasons. People from cultures where tipping is part of life (and culture) might think that we are being underpaid (and not seeing our own prices, etc. Fiverr does take a cut, but for all they know, it could be much bigger!). However, some sellers end up charging far too little - which then makes it 'normal' that they might ask for some extra (I'd never do it but I'm pretty certain I've heard/seen it happen) - which can make it...awkward to say no to (I can ignore Fiverr's notice, but if someone flat out asked me to AND they actually did a good job... I'd probably tip out of pressure haha). My point is, the system is flawed (and unnecessarily pushy) but I don't think it should be removed, just...should be a little less in-your-face I suppose.
  12. Hm... The issue is, most of the people who have placed orders without consulting me since I've upped my prices are people who order the wrong thing (but don't realise it.) Just this morning someone wanted me to write five recommendation letters (didn't place the order but were close to doing it.) I... don't even know if that's legal, but also - don't write things like that! THAT being said - if someone can actually describe what they want and place an order (and it's something I do write) I'm fine with it. Wouldn't call it sniping - it's placing an order. However, I also don't change my prices on a whim (as in, don't quote someone higher prices unless they want more words/more work.) I realise that some people bait and switch - but that shouldn't actually be a thing to start with. This is why I do prefer communication though. What looks like no/little progress for someone might be hours of research for (or, me actually taking a couple of days off for whatever... Can be either.) If we have built out some sort of a connection prior, it's easier to explain expectations (vs. reality) as well. But of course, for small projects it's completely okay to just place an order (UNLESS the seller explicitly says not to in their description.) For projects that cost a significant amount of money? Yeah, I wouldn't do it.
  13. I have a gig that is VERY specifically for interactive stories. It's in the name (and the description.) Even the format of the description copies the style I use to write it. Since I don't have any other general story writing gigs (that's not horror) people like to use that gig to order stories that are NOT interactive. Now this is fine (although some people actually order nonfiction through it which I do not write at all and is really strange) but... These people usually forget to tell me that they don't want an interactive story format. So... I'll write out my three different endings and several choices and they are like "what is that?" (For the record every single time I write to them to specify which format they want.. they say the interactive format is fine). It's... Very confusing! Another story is... The reason I have a brainstorming gig is because someone used my plot gig for unlimited brainstorming. (Twenty plus hours). Only to decide I "did not have enough original ideas" and they wanted to go a different route. Was a cancellation I was glad about.. I did mess up with not discussing expectations - they wanted more internal goals for the characters but I focused on world builting since there was not much world going on but still!)
  14. No, as long as you don't do anything against the TOS, I've had several phone numbers (...and been to like, 7 countries) since I've had my account and nothing happened. Only if you stay there for a long time - but the system does seem to bug out, haven't been to Italy since 2019 and I'm still 'there' (was told the location will change on its own...)
  15. Looks like I'm not a freelancer. Took three weeks off this July and August (yes I do have to work extra hard this month to catch up but still) also took today off because I'm not feeling well. Just getting ready for another trip (although I'll actually be going there for work but still) What you're saying is a very harmful stereotype. The more people think this is normal... The worse it will get. Freelancers need (and deserve) breaks too. (Not saying we don't work hard - we do. But I genuinely doubt anyone with the right mindset on here would say any of these are OK long-term.)
  16. Please tell me how this works on gigs that say, require more than 10 hours of work? When I was new on Fiverr, I offered to write up to 50 thousands words. That's physically impossible. While a good gig is really important, I think most of these posts (like yours) that say the same things forget about the other side. - Good communication skills - being honest about your experience - having talent in what you offer - offering something that people actually need.
  17. While I totally agree that it's important to let people know the buyer is prone to making you double the work I do think you could advocate for yourself a little better - (I say that but I had the exact thing happen two days ago and I lost 30 bucks not 3!) The reason I'm saying this is because if the buyer gets mad at you, they have the right in the sense that you never once said "hey, I don't do full rewrites and you never told me to write in this format". If you did so - and then rated them fairly, that would seem like a more complete story (just in case). You rating them low out of the blue can seem petty. But in the end it all depends on the review you leave. If you can leave one that's not emotional - but matter of fact and shows you're right you're probably doing a favour for other writers. But... Yeah. We are the service providers here and we need to say 'oi that's not a revision'. (That being said the buyer's tone was kind of off so I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get the best review either.)
  18. I can confirm the second tip works. Source - all the allnights I pull when I'm close to being late with something. Seriously speaking though, I hate this mentality of 'if you freelance, be avaliable even when sleeping'. No. Sleep when you're sleeping. (and...eat and stuff, too.) Being more unique definitely helps though. But... that's harder than copypasting a guru's readymade description so.....
  19. I know very little about how the seatch feature works but wouldn't repeating the same keywords cause a bigger issue than good? Just looking at it rationally from my field, let's say, my keyword are 'apples' (because I sell apples) So if I go HEY HI I SELL APPLES YES, the best apples you will find the apples grow on trees But MY apples also grow in the ground (radical example, but you get the point) - wouldn't this throw some buyers off? I personally would feel.. slightly unnerved if I saw the same words repeated in a short description over and over again. As for low competitive keywords - what if they have low competition because not many people search for them? My tip for new sellers would be more 'offer something that sets you apart from the crowd' more than anything.
  20. I made the mistake of looking for a cheap logo I could use as a watermark via BR. Out of the 200 replies I had about... 20 people message me directly (big no-no!) And maybe 150 if not more just copy paste whatever. My favourite were the first five or so that said 'I AM THE FIRST TO REPLY SO YOU CHOOSE ME' (Exact same script for all of them...) Thing is - until Fiverr is full of spammers who think they can get orders by messaging other sellers - or people who copy other's gigs and descriptions...And are confused why they have no orders.. I don't think BR will be cleaner.
  21. I've checked your profile - you say you're trained in your field. Why not show the files you practiced on? If you've never done anything (not just for work but for practice either) competition is going to be tough. You are in a pretty crowded niche so many people are more experienced than you are (and most buyers will seek them out.)
  22. Uhm I hate pointing fingers and while I've assumed this many times I never dared actually write this down but... It might not be the TRS running the account anymore. That's the only logical solution I have - fiverr wouldn't promote a spammer to TRS right? Right? (Seriously though I'm just trying not to think about how someone working on a video dominantly looks like. I know what they mean I really do!)
  23. So a potential bUyer messaged you and they didn't order? Where is the issue here? What did they write to you exactly?
  24. I've seen a few BRs where the buyer was looking for someone with a specific religion - and I think one or two people have messaged me looking for a writer who's religious as well. Since I don't write nonfiction there's not much I could do for them. As an outsider, admittedly my POV would be very different which could only work for a very small amount of people for sure. (That being said I also don't think it's good to justify you being an honest seller by saying you are from x religion. When I was looking for nanny jobs many fake parents would claim not to be scammers based on how god-fearing (and the like) they were. I always found it an odd thing to say (but scammers are scammers and they did have a specific audience so...)
  25. I personally don't do it - call it paranoia but the buyers who don't leave reviews are either not 100% satisfied or just lazy - and as a person who's been both, if aggravated enough I probably would leave an honest review (which could easily be a negative one.) As far as I know asking for honest feedback could be okay but in my book you're still pressuring the person. Fiverr already does so for us like twice - so if they don't leave a review that's likely because they don't want to (or forgot but still.)
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