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  1. For BRs I don't really have much advice since I don't reply to them anymore (creative writing BR is...one messed up place), but for random messages, I always let them know that I can write a sample for x dollars. Now, of course, if you're starting out - some buyers might need some extra samples from you to make sure you really are GOOD at what you do, but if they send you a script themselves, that (for me at least) would be a red flag!
  2. So... this isn't a loophole per say, but a pretty normal 'trick' - buyers do it all the time (even when they message you randomly). They want to 'make sure you're the right fit'. Most of the time you won't be! (well, I NEVER was out of the... many times I got scammed, so...) This seems to stem from two sources, one is the obvious - buyers want free work, so they trick to trick newer (or even more seasoned) sellers with the promise of 'lots of work'. Two is... so, I THINK some very intelligent 'gurus' are telling new sellers to only send custom offers (and to tell buyers to wait with placing an order) if the work was done 'perfectly' - which is a way of tricking the system (if the buyer hates the work, they just won't place an order - so they also won't be able to leave nasty reviews. The two seem to come hand in hand though (and are very annoying for sure.)
  3. If I were you, I'd try to decide what I want to do. Do I want to be an online marketer/SEO blogger whatever OR a digital artist. Because at the moment, it seems to me that you're neither (or you're hiding your abilities pretty well.) Being online a lot (or pretending to be) causes nothing but a burnt-out laptop (happened to my PC I physically couldn't turn off after a while. That was way before Fiverr, though. If you want to work with SEO - cool. But... wouldn't you know how to market your gigs, then? (or at least, which keywords to use so that your target audience sees AND clicks on the gigs.) For photo-editing - there's so many cooler things you can do if you're a pro. I used to make movie posters in my free time, but there's plenty of other things, too. Just... do some more research, study up - and see which path you take. (...or, you can stay onlinehoping for a miracle. That MIGHT work for some...)
  4. I think I ranted about that one time someone wanting me to write a horror short about a lady hypnotising a guy on a train (she's older, as if that'd help...) to do...yeah. At first I thought it was a 'Get Out' kind of thing but... it wasn't. But yours...takes the lead. Like... why. (my FIRST ever order did involve a sexy pie fight though. Years ago when I knew NOTHING!) Some people want the strangest things...
  5. Depends. My customers are nerds...and I am one, too - so I oftend end up being the chatty/enthusiastic one (especially if it's a new project that is genuinely up my ally.) I do try to let customers know at some point that I can't ALWAYS be online -and most of them understand. My main issue is that I often get messages right as I'm waking up and that's always messy! That being said, I usually have the site open, but if I'm writing (or even cooking, etc.) I'll let them know I'll be back in x time (and cross my fingers I'll actualy remember and be back by then. But usually I am!)
  6. This, I think is normal - because the point of the site is easy purchase, I guess - and people don't want to have to wait for confirmation (for bigger projects, most of them do anyway. I haven't had a random order in a while (but it's much more likely for me to end up with them getting cancelled as many of them have very little to do with what I do! BUT- if I read the tone right and they are asking you to edit, uhm. adult-related topics, I think that in itself can be a ground to have a cancellation through CS (especially if you make it known that you do NOT! take those kinds of commissions. The TOS currently is a bit vague about erotica (but anything hardcore is already forbidden as far as I know), however, I personally stray for away from it. If I get the stray order that'd contain those kinds of scenes, I state it in black and white that I am NOT writing those scenes, basically. Since I do write horror, I've gotten a couple of orders I haven't been very, uhm, comfortable about - some of them were cancelled the others I ended up writing in a way that it didn't cause me distress (it was never 18+ content, just... dark, I guess.) But I do feel like it's up to you (and me, in this case, really) to tell that to the customer/communicate with CS. Just recently I was asked to write sci-fi (which I don't normally). The first try was kind of rocky, so for the next gig, we settled on something I'm a lot more comfortable working with (historical spooky stuff.) BUT, AGAIN. If it's something you do not feel comfortable editing/writing/etc. for a reason - communicate. Either with CS if it's THAT bad (just have the disclaimer in your gig that you do NOT do those kinds of things) or the customer if it's 'somewhat okay but sketch'.
  7. I struggle with this to this day - while I've been on Fiverr for four years, I've only started taking it seriously about a year ago when I lost my job. I've only ever worked as a nanny/teacher so NEVER have I ever had to, well, sit down and... do stuff like this (outside of lesson planning, of course, which yes, did have to be done but was still different as I was never alone in the office!) I used to be able to write 5-6000 words in a single sitting (which, when you have two 25k games in queue does NOT look all that impressive. That was back when I wrote as a hobby, though (and didn't need to do other things like communicating, editing (I wrote for fun, so why) and the like! I think learning how to pace myself has been hard - but it's working out (slowly.) Not having a 'boss' is definitely an advantage - but sometimes I miss fixed hours and wages. This August I decided to volunteer instead of focusing on work and well, barely got anything done - now I'm suffering the consequences! Still.. I think learning how to be kind to ourselves as the artists (or writers, or marketers or whatevers) is so important. I've decided to lower my expectations on how much I write daily - and I've been hitting (and even exceeding) my goals almost every day! Once it's a habit to write that much, I'll try to add another 1000 words, then 1000... Now, if only I can build out a proper routine and that writing is not done at midnight... (that being said, I could NOT juggle kids, so kudos to you for being able to play with them on your break times! I bet it must be fun to grow up with a writer as a parent (although I'm not sure how I will be when (if, ever) I have kids!)
  8. See, I would agree - but 99% of the people (on the forum at least) don't actually know how to advertise themselves - or at least that's how it seems to me. Many of them copy others' gigs (which will very likely cause them to get at least a warning at some point, spam facebook and other social media stuff and just... mess it up for themselves. Of course, many of them do end up with a couple orders but it's no long-term solution (since, for artists for example, you can see their previous works (many times, for writers, if their gigs are messy, why would people order and so on...) (but to be fair I absolutely can't advertise well haha, I don't have that skill so I can't be sure!)
  9. Not an 'OG' just a random writer with (some) luck - I cater to a somewhat specific target audience who I KNOW will keep on ordering (until I mess up, that is.) I also happen to be PART of the target audience so I'm familiar with what the people like - and what current clichés/tropes are trending.
  10. This is so hard (even though I've ranted about this, ha!) I think by knowing what we can actually handle, we also become kinder to ourselves. I've started saying 'no' to writing 5-6000 words a day (7 days a week), not because I can't do it but because it was exhausting me mentally - I needed to do it at some point because I'd set a delivery time...and then promise to deliver much much earlier. But obviously, quality also matters! Don't be dumb, people! Know what you're capable of (and what you CAN'T do.) (we should keep this post active so those who need it will like, at least read through them. Maybe.) (I mean. thx for tIps bro, my gig will rank now.)
  11. Seems to be this one for me! I've managed to volunteer abroad (5 countries in total plus one for a mini-vacation) this summer, but other than those two weeks it's been... weird? I need lots of inspiration from the outside world for my writing so being shut inside hasn't been fun. I AM going back to 'school' in the sense that I'll be taking French classes starting next week (or the week after) so that's fun!
  12. Disclaimer - part of this is a somewhat personal rant - but halfway through thinking of it I realised how much it relates to many of the Fiverr gigs I've seen (and quite a few things I've ordered myself. But the first part is just me sighing life haha.) We are moving houses - which is a whole process with a disabled dad, mom-who's trying to keep it all together and a crazy writer...(me, ha) Leaving 2X years of memories behind isn't fun. Knowing the house is going to be demolished is- Yeah. Anyway, we saw a fantastic ad. the other day. HUGE house, near the bus stop, super cool attic space that I can make into an office (and later still have a family there), tons of space for a pool, sauna, etc. in the garden...(yes, we are high-maintenance but this is the Hungarian countryside, nothing actually fancy!) We went to visit the house today and... Yeah, it was...far from what we were told. Too far from the center, TINY rooms - (well, smaller than we've expected them to be), really hard to do ANYTHING in the garden... We left pouty (but we got junk food after, so it was still worth it to go!) This got me thinking. One of the main issues I've encountered on here - and even unknowingly did myself is... PROMISING too much. Promising things one can't actually do. It's false advertising, really. Claiming to be something you are NOT. Let it be an expert/professional/teacher/whatever. Which is what happened with that house too, right? It's all around us, I guess - but on Fiverr I've noticed it more lately (I guess because I've been spending so much time hunting for artists for my personal projects. AND logo designers (no luck for the latter but I am going to have that project rest a little anyway). My point is - so many people are basically lying about what they can do - it's sad. Are we (humans as a whole I guess) really ready to promise whatever just for some 'easy' cash? If you are reading this (and haven't actually had a single order yet) I want you to ask yourself - am I actually an expert at what I want to offer? If the answer is no - you're still fine. Just... know that there's still tons of room for you to improve (and maybe... maybe don't sell something you wouldn't buy yourself.)
  13. What I really want to know is WHO has been telling people to copy someone else's gigs (and use random pictures off the internet). Based on OP's post, it's almost like they were told to NOT to be unique and just copy people (and I've seen this in other posts as well I think...) I might be reading too much into this but...
  14. I'm afraid not. Didn't you know? Only if you copy the best sellers(es) images (their entire profile, actually) do you EVER stand a chance at being a rising star.... that above was a joke. You HAVE to have unique images, videos and descriptions. Do NOT go around copying people's gigs, titles - or descriptions. And please, don't just grab a random photo off google and pose as that person... Now, can you become a rising star if your profile is unique? YES - but it's absolutely no guarantee. A unique profile is kind of an, eh. given, (well, should be, in an ideal world.) You might get the badge for a while, you might never get it - I think one of my gigs had it for like, a week or something (if ever) years ago. Instead of focusing on that, focus on making unique gigs.
  15. That does look very much like a scam - could you maybe report them to CS before accepting the cancellation? I think the TOS has a clause that they can't deny a delivery based on the quality (however, they can leave a bad review, of course. They are entitled to that...) Not that I think your work is bad (but this seems to be what a lot of scammers say.) As long as it's 10k words and the genre they've asked for...you did what you were told. What I always do (for smaller orders mostly though) is send sort of a preview through and wait (and wait, and wait, and wait in some cases) for the OK - before actually finishing up the piece. I'd rather cancel an order 500 words in than... yeah. Stand your ground but stay polite and nice. (kill 'em with kindess!)
  16. I will be very honest here - your gigs are a bit all over the place. One of your illustration gigs looks a bit like you've used a (free) filter to make 'portraits' which quite honestly.... isn't what you should go for (but maybe this is a style of art I don't know!) the other looks good though - but then you have several basic PS gigs AND a resume gig - for me personally it seems a tad too chaotic (and I love chaos, I'm a writer, so...) Nothing really convinces me as a buyer to buy from you. I personally would focus on one skill-set and improve it - OR make the gigs...make more sense I suppose? (some might argue with me but if I needed someone to write my CV it wouldn't be the same person who'd make my portrait (or the person to make my business card...)
  17. I'm curious - do you mean that the chances of getting an order on Fiverr (without sharing your gigs all over social media) are basically 0? Or did I misunderdtand you? (I'd genuinely like to know...)
  18. Okay, I'm really curious - how do you think being online on the forum has ANYTHING to do with impressions? Being online on Fiverr can - kindamaybesomewhat help if you are in a niche with 212231312 other gigs AND people filter for online sellers - but that still won't get you clicks OR orders, for that matter. I'll give you a trick though: be good at what you do - and sell something people actually NEED.
  19. My dad already got his when I was abroad, he's got severe health issues so for him it's quite important not to get, well, sick (or at least only mildly.) Hungary also lets anyone get the 3rd dose but for now we are 'free' (no masks, no restrictions, no nothing) which I'm a bit worried about...but we'll see I suppose.
  20. When you're dealing with an annoying client, take a deep breath, count to ten and pretend you're dealing with a toddler. 100% works. (I still have no idea what 'make a gig properly' means tho. Like... how can I make a gig improperly?)
  21. Eek. Let me start with two things. One - if I tracked down every single thing I've submitted before an order was completed and the order was cancelled, I'd go mad. So... kudos to you for being able to do this (I'm not being sarcastic, I think I'd be tearing out my hair lol.) Two - I genuinely don't think you're wrong for contacting CS. I am assuming they notified either the buyer (or the site they posted on?) that he basically 'stole' your work. BUT. COMMUNICATION. And I'm not saying that you are wrong for thinking that if you didn't get paid for the 15 articles the right shouldn't be yours. But... some people would feel offended you happened to get sick and think that was their 'payment' for the inconvenience (I'm not joking. people are mean.) You really do have to be clear about what's going on, especially if the cancellation is 'on' you (it wasn't something you could control, I know but...) If you told the buyer that you take back the rights for the articles, then ignore the above part. However, I can - kinda, if I squint with both eyes - see why the buyer would think they are free to use the articles. It is kinda annoying to have an order cancelled - and some of it was completed, so it's not like you (as in the seller, you) will be able to use them, right? Messaging them on fiverr before contacting CS could have solved things but quite honestly... chances are the articles would have stayed on the site. THAT being said based on what they wrote, I think they got a warning from fiverr so... (honestly, I wouldn't take this to the heart. it's a messy situation but you most likely did the right thing, I think.) PS.: I think their username can still be seen on the screenshot. they might have gotten.)
  22. But - even if Fiverr had the option to charge hourly, (and if there was a time-tracker (I use one, but I don't show it to my clients because I don't think they need to know how much it takes me to write their pieces) people would still complain, no? I mean, you can say it takes you 3 hours to do it - someone else might be faster and do it in one - (or even claim they can do it just to get the job - they'd accept to be paid less.) I do think that some sort of a tracker could be fun to see exactly how much time x job takes but I'm not sure fiverr should be in charge of that. People also don't know how much time things take and just say a number. You as the seller are responsible for knowing how long a gig would take AND how much you should charge for it. (that being said, I get it. 5 bucks hourly is not a lot so when it stretches out...that's painful for sure.)
  23. My prices are still lower than what I'd like at some point (I've only been taking Fiverr seriously for a year, before that I always had another job AND school to think of!) but there are already people who charge much less than I do - and it bugs me a bit as well. But BR IS filled with people asking for 50k words for 60 bucks - and similar things (... And then the rest are scams). I remember when I was starting out and had absolutely 0 idea about how I should price my writing - seeing the BRs made me think my pricing was already on the higher end. It wasn't!) My point is - newer sellers are easily influenced by what they see - and of course, they all want orders, right? Especially when they come from countries where life is a tad different (earning $1000 where I'm at is pretty damn great for example but in Paris it'd be nothing!) It's hard to start out. (...That being said I did notice that such crazy BRs do get less answers nowadays. Maybe people are leading?)
  24. Yeah, that was probably it! I was brainstorming a..pretty messy scene once and ended up emailing support because the message was stuck and I thought something might have been wrong. Since context matters in these kinds of things... sometimes these things might happen!
  25. Since research is involved... maybe the system thought it was academic work that the two of you were discussing? (like uni/high school papers and stuff like that?) Fiverr seems to be pretty strict about that. I'm mostly just guessing though since it doesn't seem like you did anything wrong at a first read/glance.
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