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  1. So - I see this working at the Farmer's Market or in a mall, letting people sample your goods. You might be able to convince them to buy the 6/10-pack of whatever it is if you're pushy enough. But online? How do I know that if I work for free for someone, they will come back to me? Most people will not - they will just think that you're easy prey. I personally worked hard to get where I'm at right now - so I assume the same for other sellers as well. Why sell ourselves short, then?
  2. Didn't you pause all your gigs though? What if it only monitors 60 days that are active? (I'm not 100% sure that's possible, but that'd seem more likely to me.) Something that happened to me twice was that if the buyers were at fault, my order completion rate went back to normal after a while - what if the system regards these as 'buyers are at fault' kinds of cancellations (but the app messed up your rating?) I wouldn't say that your account isn't being evaulated at all - from what I know TRS is fully manual and some people just never get it. But of course, I could be wrong.
  3. Hungary went back to 'normal' in mid-June if I recall well (it was right after my birthday, so probably around that time!) We don't need to wear masks anymore (even in closed-off spaces and yesterday a politician said they aren't intending to change this - I'm going out of country again in two weeks so I'm not sure how that'll go but so far all is good. Do I agree with this? Not necessarily because the people who refuse the vaccine will continue to do so (and quite frankly it's not mandatory for a reason, so it's not like they can be forced to do so) so we never know who might not have proper immunity. I'm fully vaccinated but (we assume) caught the virus in Malta a few weeks (almost a month ago now) back, it felt like a really bad cold (but not worse than most I've had), the only reason we suspected it is because someone I shared a room with testes positive, so... Could have been anything (by the way I could have been tested I was fine 😄) All in all the places I've been to this year were strictish (France you needed both vaccinations to get into Disney, Malta required both even to just visit and so on) but I can understand that tourism-wise. Completely limiting their citizens (like Slovenia is doing now (the news said you can't even go to a gas station without the green pass? I don't know if that's true but it was on TV so...) is probably not going to work out long term though...
  4. I feel like this only works in the absolute best scenario which would be you know your target audience and advertise only to them and no one else your gigs ARE fantastic and people click (and then order) from you you do a great job and leave with many 5 star reviews. If all of these conditions are met, you most likely WOULD be found more often on Fiverr as well - but isn't that mostly because of you performance? Imagine a situation like this: I am a graphic designer (or writer, or voice actress or whatever) with very little experience but someone told me to post my links all over facebook and twitter and whatever other websites to gain more impressions. My gigs look OK but they don't provide anything remotely unique or cool People see my gigs - might even click on them but go 'actually, that other person Fiverr shows me is better'. Technically I'm still giving the site traffic, but while I have 2321312 impressions and maybe even high(ish) clicks, absolutely 0 orders. WHY on Earth would Fiverr show my profile to anyone? What they are getting back from me is 'this person brings us people but can't actually keep them'... My point is - marketing COULD be useful, but only if you know what you're doing. I see hundreds of people post their half-baked gigs in facebook groups and most of them have yet to get a single order in. Marketing is only half (or not even) of the 'issue' at hand. (by the way, I have shared my links maybe 5-6 times over the years and I'm doing fine, thank you very much. It does boil down to talent/originality for many people.) (I'm pretty sure this has been said before, but I've been thinking about this for a while, too.)
  5. Difficult depends on your mentality, too. Working 12 hours a day chasing kids around, keeping them safe for little to no money was difficult for me. 'Ranking' a new gig, to me, is much easier than that - even though I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. Being genuinely talented at something that others might not be so great at is what's hard. Understanding what even the toughest customers who struggle with English (or are always in a rush) is what's hard. Making a gig in a popular category is 'easy', especially if you are spoonfed that information. (that being said, yes, the competition is REALLY tough. Still not harder than dealing with a screaming toddler though) (take this with a pinch of salt, obviously the two cannot be compared. Both require vastly different skillsets...)
  6. Could you please explain what exactly had happened? Were you the one to send spam messages or did you receieve them? Did you get a warning from Fiverr?
  7. Hey! While I'm not proud of it, I've been demoted several times during the time I was on Fiverr (and I have quite a few bad reviews from the time I was unable to focus on Fiverr when my laptop was broken!) And here is the thing - one or two bad reviews (or a bad experience or two) will NOT ruin your talent - or your shot at doing well on the site. Now that I'm actually serious about writing, everytime I get a review under 5 stars, I still feel down - but I shake it off because we don't have the time to mope around. Is it unfair that some people end up not being nice even though you'd thought they would be (or you did your best to make them happy? Sure. But other than a chance to look at your performance and think 'how can I make sure this type of person (say, someone that does not communicate or someone that wants more and more, etc.) will be happy? OR just learn how to recognize buyer types you don't want to deal with and know how to turn them away. You'll get your level back soon (if you do decide to stay on Fiverr) and most buyers won't care much about one or two 'meh' reviews. Think about restaurants on yelp/other platforms - most of them don't have perfect ratings and people still go! (but of course, if you want to take a break, that's understandable. The first 'slap' hurts the longest. Just know that you're not the only one who's had bad reviews - and not the only one who can easily overcome them!
  8. From what I understand the seller delivered a partial delivery which is again TOS - they should have asked for an extension on the order instead. That being said as it's in revision they won't be paid until they deliver again - so at this stage I wouldn't say you're at risk (I'd assume they will have to deliver again at some point...) I'd try to settle it amicably just because it might be a fluke / bad decision when something tough is going on in their life but... If you write to them and they don't reply in the next day or so I'd bring it to CS.
  9. When you're new, it's harder to impress any potential buyers because you have no (or not many) reviews. Having an impressive portfolio definitely helps but what I go for usually when I'm looking to buy something is one thing - decent communication. (Added to being good at what they do.) I'm not saying you have to be 100% correct grammatically because I leave typos from time to time - but being able to understand what I want (and not just saying so and then asking about it two minutes) later, replying to everything I've asked/mentioned AND being polite is important. Another thing for me that makes or breaks a deal is being overeager. It's fine to be enthusiastic about what you do but a few times I've inquiries about something (and then went off to do my thing) people would message me again and again. And again. Asking if I'm there / ready to order (which I usually wasn't!) ( I don't recommend a demo/sample based on the buyer's project. That's how you end up working for free.)
  10. So, I can't say I've made it just yet - but I'm well on the way to being where I've always wanted to be. Which is...actually, everywhere, really. Basically, I have been wanting to be able to go abroad and work from there, but do something I enjoyed. I quit my job due to COVID (...and fine, other reasons, too. I was bad at it!) and came back to Fiverr expecting to work on here till I'd get into a language school (to teach English.) I'm at the point where I don't really need another job, ALTHOUGH sometimes I wish I had one just because I have a daily limit to my writing. Once I hit that, my brain goes blank! And... I am also sort of moving to my first (real, long-term) location of freelancing on the road - Sweden. I hope to be able to move more often later on but obviously with all that's been going on some stablitiy will be great, too. So in a way, I am closer to my dream than I'd ever been. Now, is it because of Fiverr? That's hard to say. My writing was pretty popular back when I just published fanfictions (...yes, I know.) so I feel like I COULD have made it in different ways if I really wanted to. This was just the easiest (and...I work on video games now mostly, like, that's the coolest thing ever!) One day, I hope to have my own company but for now I'm pretty happy where I'm at 😄 (well, will be once I've figured out a way to transport my tea to Sweden...!)
  11. Are you absolutely sure they did not send the requirements through regular messages? Some of my clients do that, and it's a pain to find them. If you can't find them anywhere, why not ask for an extension (mark 'buyer did not provide all the information'). If they still don't answer, ask CS to help contact them/see if they can cancel the order.
  12. Years ago I thought 'omg, that is such a good price for 'such an easy job'. Needless to say, I do not translate anymore. I learned VERY quickly that translating is not easy (and people will KNOW if you just happen to be somewhat good at both languages but know 0 about translating.) If I had 15 years of experience like this team "does"... I probably would be charging that much just for opening a document! Jokes aside, I really don't understand why people lie about these things. It's OK to be new (as long as you know what you're doing. People are wasting their time playing pretend and it's getting a little... odd, honestly. (dentist security officer though...I should write a story about one :P)
  13. I have plenty of dreams. I want to visit 50 countries before turning 50. I want to learn at least 5-7 more languages. I want to live on an island... Is it my goal to be a pro/TRS one day? Yes, but not a 'dream'. Dreams for me are life-changing events. I'll still be a cooky writer no matter the badge next to my name. (but I do respect your dreams.)
  14. So, part of me wants to understand this in a somewhat positive (albeit skewed - flickering, I guess?) lighting. "Live every day as if there is no tomorrow? Don't stress?" those kinds of things. But.. you're bringing things into this that make the post a little... odd. Why wouldn't people think of the 100 year old grandma - I would have killed (not really, but I hope you know what I mean) for my grandpa to live until that age. People work hard and fight to have what they want - and to have more. Is it meaningless just because everyone dies one day? I genuinely don't think so. It's good to promote less stress/pressure - but not by discrediting others' hard work.
  15. I was wondering the same. Still don't know the answer but I found this in the Fiverr's Community Standards: I mean in this particular case (having read the detailed description) I also have a moral/ethical issue with collecting the emails of people who are already vulnerable - but based on what you found as these seem to be private people...I'd say this would be a big no-no regardless of the target group.
  16. As I've said before there are several reasons - the buyer might have decided to cancel. However it's also possible that their account get banned for some reason. I would not stress much about it unless it hurt your stats. Contact CS if it did to see if they can help.
  17. It's hard to tell - if you haven't actually submitted the order than I'd assume that the buyer just decided to cancel for whatever reason (for example they found someone that was cheaper etc.) Genuine question - are email lists like this legal? I'm not one to judge anyone for their jobs but this particular type of gig seems somewhat odd to me. (Also, delete / cancel out the name of the buyer on the screenshot. You're not allowed to show their names like this I believe) Edit : if it's another new seller perhaps they thought you were the one buying from them? Odd but it happens... Communication issues are very common!
  18. That's so odd - just a few days ago I got this message "Hay I am young horror script writers .you can take my story and sell it .Take 50℅ profit and give me 50% pofit" I'm assuming they were asking for work in a roundabout way, too o.o (Outsourcing wouldn't be worth it for me money wise but also... What are these people thinking?) Who's telling them this is a good idea?
  19. While I feel like the advice might fly over some people's heads (if it hadn't already) congratulations on achieving the rank via posting actually useful topics and not... Spam and stuff. The forum is a really cool place to share advice and experiences at but it's really not much more than that and people should realise that. (Although some "very useful" posts are absolutely hilarious I realise I'm very easy to entertain and most people are bored of them already.)
  20. Have you completed the requirements for level one (or two?) They both need several orders to be completed and I believe an x amount of $ to be earned as well. Just because you are posting on the forum - a separate website - Fiverr won't go 'oooh this person is hardworking I'll level them up even though they haven't completed the requirements!) Fiverr doesn't care about what you do on the forum. (If you have completed them, it's usually the 15th that people are evaluated)
  21. Honestly, if I needed a business card I'd totally buy it (but I realise that IS rather specific!) Yeah, I think what we need is something that is NEEDED but still not many sellers do it. My two interactive(ish) gigs (one for game-writing, the other choose your own adventure) are definitely what bring in the most $$ for me - not many people have them (I'm sure there's more gigs around now than when I made them, but still!) I tried to do something new with offering scripts for city-tours (like those detective ones) -but as cool as it sounds, there was no luck with the gig! The point is, it is also trial and error, as you've implied, even for people who have some sort of a talent. I feel like the main issue is that logo/bg removal and so on - those gig look easy to make. You can make a logo in canva (or even in PS, really) in ten seconds. Will it be cool and unique? No - but it's finished quickly. These gigs seem to focus on quick delivery instead of actual artistic thought into things, which CAN fool people who are used to fast food (and just rushing, in general). I remember when I'd first moved to Paris (even though it's such a fast-paced city) I was SO confused why people would actually line up in front of bakeries (or other food shops, really!) Quality really matters, but not everyone understand it in this world - and of course, people are desperate, which is sad - but they need to realise that they need to think to make money. It leads to chaos (and while it's good for us in the sense that good gigs really 'shine' when surrounded by bads ones, it's probably still devastating to people who were relying on this to get extra $$ because someone online said they can do it.
  22. Why promise something you can't be sure of? While BR can bring those first few orders, with how many people respond to each, chances are some people will never get an order out of them. Saying that they will get their first order easily might end up as a lie to hundreds of people. It's great to be encouraging, but then try to offer a tip with that as well - like, respond only to BRs you know you can do and try to win the buyer's favour. Or 'do NOT message sellers who post BRs because you'll end up being marked as spam.'
  23. What came to my mind was 'when everyone is selling mangoes, bring a durian to sell' (although I realise, wrong continent, but bear with me for a second!) Selling something that stands out (even if its the smell 😄) will make people curious. Curiosity might not get you thousands of dollars in the first few weeks - or even ever, but it's a good starting point. Of course on such a huge marketplace it's difficult - but it's still possible to offer up a talent that's different. Obviously this mostly works for artistic folks. but I'm sure other niches can find something different to offer up as well (...and also, make it attractive somehow.)
  24. Many clients celebrate Christmas (and other Holidays) and might be spending time with their families in December - but also, here in Europe for example there are plenty of schools that have ski breaks (so parents and kids go skiing for like.. 1-2 weeks in February! So just in general it's a super busy time period for some people. The reason why sales might raise for SOME people is because if you're selling something that can be gifted (like stories, pictures, any other kind of art) people might purchase more of them after Halloween / Thanksgiving. As for me, I had a really 'eh' August all in all, but I've always had orders in queue.) but September so far has been... very eventful. I'm curious as to how the rest of fall/winter goes - (but I have no predictions.) VERY eventful 😄
  25. No, if it's under revision it will not be - and dragging out a revision is never a good idea (especially not without communicating.) Could you write a ticket to CS - if they ordered something that's really quite different from what you offer, you might be able to cancel without hurting your stats (however, I genuinely would wait a little and ask for information on what they want exactly, as it does look like some sort of a communication issue. If you absolutely can't do what they've asked for, then yeah, write to CS (or just send through a cancellation, but that would hurt your stats.) (also, if you got 0 info on what they wanted, how could you deliver? Did they send through something vague or did you just deliver what you thought they wanted maybe?)
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