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  1. Why promise something you can't be sure of? While BR can bring those first few orders, with how many people respond to each, chances are some people will never get an order out of them. Saying that they will get their first order easily might end up as a lie to hundreds of people. It's great to be encouraging, but then try to offer a tip with that as well - like, respond only to BRs you know you can do and try to win the buyer's favour. Or 'do NOT message sellers who post BRs because you'll end up being marked as spam.'
  2. What came to my mind was 'when everyone is selling mangoes, bring a durian to sell' (although I realise, wrong continent, but bear with me for a second!) Selling something that stands out (even if its the smell 😄) will make people curious. Curiosity might not get you thousands of dollars in the first few weeks - or even ever, but it's a good starting point. Of course on such a huge marketplace it's difficult - but it's still possible to offer up a talent that's different. Obviously this mostly works for artistic folks. but I'm sure other niches can find something different to offer up as well (...and also, make it attractive somehow.)
  3. Many clients celebrate Christmas (and other Holidays) and might be spending time with their families in December - but also, here in Europe for example there are plenty of schools that have ski breaks (so parents and kids go skiing for like.. 1-2 weeks in February! So just in general it's a super busy time period for some people. The reason why sales might raise for SOME people is because if you're selling something that can be gifted (like stories, pictures, any other kind of art) people might purchase more of them after Halloween / Thanksgiving. As for me, I had a really 'eh' August all in all, but I've always had orders in queue.) but September so far has been... very eventful. I'm curious as to how the rest of fall/winter goes - (but I have no predictions.) VERY eventful 😄
  4. No, if it's under revision it will not be - and dragging out a revision is never a good idea (especially not without communicating.) Could you write a ticket to CS - if they ordered something that's really quite different from what you offer, you might be able to cancel without hurting your stats (however, I genuinely would wait a little and ask for information on what they want exactly, as it does look like some sort of a communication issue. If you absolutely can't do what they've asked for, then yeah, write to CS (or just send through a cancellation, but that would hurt your stats.) (also, if you got 0 info on what they wanted, how could you deliver? Did they send through something vague or did you just deliver what you thought they wanted maybe?)
  5. I joined Fiverr four years ago without having EVER sold anything in my life (and I've worked retail briefly. Yeah, I'm not the best at retail work.) I was a bumbling mess and my profile was - eek. Took me years to understand what sold well and what didn't (and my writing improved a lot, too.) Was I a good writer? Yeah. But I still had to climb the ladder (and I'm still only like, halfway up. Plenty of place to move up to.) New or not, we all have issues - and unfortunately it's not that easy for buyers to know whether a new seller is really worth their time BECAUSE of the way so many people LIE on here. And trust me, they lie a lot. Now, are there super talented new sellers on here - yes. But should buyers pay extra-special-smechial attention to them? Nah. They should work hard the same way everyone else did. (everyone has issues. my childhood home is going to be demolished next year the latest and we still don't know how we'll move away before that. Just because my profile has 2 on it doesn't mean I'm doing super well. New sellers might struggle - but seasoned sellers struggle, too.)
  6. But do they truly work during those 20 hours or are they just posting their gigs all over the internet/staring at the screen (or just using a software to do so?) Fiverr as a site has very little say in how much we work. We aren't employed by Fiverr, after all - we are freelancers. Now, do I take breaks? Yeah, I took 3 weeks off this year (more or less) to travel and have half-days when I only check on if I see that I have messages to read/send. I can sense that you're coming from a good place - but I think the people you're thinking about would probably throw rocks at the site if it said 'sorry, today you can't go online because you worked too much this week'. Especially if they are actually earning some money via Fiverr.
  7. (I'd say it's okay to 'hijack' because I mean... still kinda related, unfortunately haha) So... we are suspecting I had COVID (but because I'm vaccinated, I was mostly ok other than just feeling gross/really weak for a few days. One of my roommates had a positive test on arrival back at home, so... (by the time we knew that and the doctor could have scheduled a test for me I was ok 😄 But I'm curious about doing an antigen test. Thanks for asking by the way haha!)
  8. I sure do! Well, nowadays I write more interactive stories/games than anything, but I guess spooky season will change that for a while. It was one of my first gigs (maybe the very first one, actually) although I never quite expected it to actually get orders 😄 I used to be immune to horror because I don't see well and usually I'd be watching it with friends (they'd drone out the sounds haha) but on my own I'm weak! I need to take fluff-breaks when I write something really scary! But I do like the thrill now that I'm older haha.
  9. Yes and no! Interestingly enough I haven't had any orders directly Halloween-esque so far BUT my horror writing gig has been soaring for the past 2 weeks or so - I normally have much more interest on my game gig so it's interesting to see (but I can't complain!) (also, that drawing is life. Love it!)
  10. I think this is in the wrong category but the 'myth' is not quite a myth - it's true. With every order buyers get two types of reviews to fill out - a hidden one and a public one. While I'm sure it's not 100% what decides if your gig shows up for people, it does matter.
  11. I personally really really dislike this "To build a reputation in fiverr, I will make logos for $5-10. But the quality of the work will be like $50+." I totally understand what you're going for - but I'm not sure I'd order from someone who's underselling their work by this much (you are getting 10% of the price you're saying your designs are worth). KNOWING how many logo designs gigs work on here, this would be a MAJOR red flag for me because I'd worry you are overusing templates (or old designs even.) (if you genuinely have 8+ years of experience, show it off - and go for it with a higher price. IF you are just starting out (or maybe have less experience) that's completely fine as well, but advertise yourself as such. Not saying that you don't have the experience - I'm sure you do. But... being contradictory especially in such a competetive niche isn't a great thing. (but this is all my personal opinion, I might not be right!)
  12. Unfortunately I can't - I'd definitely run it through grammarly or something like that (I'm not an editor and can't be 100% sure I'd be able to do it - but if I WERE an editor, it'd be a job for me as well.) That is somewhat worrying though if you don't advertise anywhere (but maybe the algorithm loves it which is good, to be fair)
  13. I remember that a couple years ago I was absolutely certain I would make a great translator (I DID have some experience in translating but never the patience to truly get into it) and I failed miserably. It's okay to realise that someone's not good at something- gigs that don't sell are OK. The difference seems to be that many people (on here and in general) give up or even blame the site (which, fine, is FAR from perfect) or people who are trying to give them advice. Realising that mistakes are fine is hard. (but also, I do realise that many of the people coming here are desperate.) (My advice to people: if you can't be the best, be unique. Offer something different that people might find cool or quirky. Is it professional? Not necessarily. But it works. Most of the time.)
  14. Is it possible that you are linking/advertising this gig all over the internet (like fb groups and so on?) From what I've seen in many of them, there aren't many people looking for anything to buy (they are all sellers) so it's quite possible that they wouldn't be interested in others' gigs! If you don't advertise then... well, I did spot a couple typos in your profile to start with (didn't read everything), that could be a turn-off maybe.
  15. A good feedbaCK can help, a bag of (bird)feed probably won't do much (although it'd come in handy for me.) ű I agree that communication might be an issue (I'd definitely download grammarly to see if that can help correct some of your mistakes), but even then there is no guarantee. You might deliver one order now and then not get any others for weeks. Your first buyer could come back right after delivering (I have a couple frequent buyers myself). It all depends on your niche, the secret review you get (basically, your performance) and so on.
  16. Is that after the first or second beer though? It's been a while so I might not remember well... (sorry haha, had to add this in) When I was travelling, I tried my hardest to do so as well - Paris was probably the best because masks were still mandatory, but by Malta... I was a bit worried we weren't taking it seriously enough! (it was much more laidback than the 5 other countries I visited haha) I think some of these habits should be somewhat normal anyway if one lives in a big city.
  17. So... what if I wanted say, a logo for my website (or even my profile) or even I don't even know, a French teacher or something. Just because some people SPAM BR, other sellers should still be able to post a request if they need something (and if they want to outsource? Honestly, so be it.) What would help would be a better system that can weed out the sellers thinking this will get them work and a 'flag' (to help flag weird BRs). It could be cool if no names/pictures were there either (because every time I post a BR, I get over 10 spam messages within the first hour or so...)
  18. Did you contact CS about your gig being denied? Maybe you were flagged multiple times (for offering NSFW stuff AND stuff that is not yours as art can be copyrighted) and the ban just reached your account (my point is it looks like they ended up having to maybe check out your account manually and decided it wasn't fit for Fiverr.
  19. Freelancing in itself can't protect you from the virus (you can lead a normal life and freelance from home/cafés, etc.) Some of your advices also just.. sound a little silly/incorrect (washing only one hand before working doesn't make much sense and talking to a bathtub is kind of useless (they don't talk back.) (that being said, stay safe and take care, it IS important to still be somewhat careful while going out. But life (here at least) seems to be somewhat normal now 🙂
  20. I wish THIS was what those 'gurus' preached. Because you do NEED skills to do anything, so why would online work be any different? I realise that one time I was a waitress for like, three days. NEVER hated a job more than that - I'm really clumsy but I was desperate. Ended up mostly wasting time (and being SHOOK) after I was fired haha. The thing is - online, people don't have such 'consequences'. I've read several posts that confirmed that these gurus are telling them 'it's okay to break rules/get bad reviews, just go and make a new account' - so even reviews/criticism isn't 'that' harsh. Some people just don't get the hint and try and try (which is sad)... But... I know they won't read any of this. Maybe there should be an undercover youtube account 'debunking' Fiverr myths (but posing as a 'guru'...)
  21. See, I've been thinking lately (been exhausted by trying to offer genuine/unique advice to people) and... this is accurate. Something else I've been trying to think of (but it's hard to do so without pointing fingers at people from certain niches) - if you have a tool that can help you finish a job that takes a (top rater/pro/level 2/level 1, whatever) seller days/weeks to do, the tool might NOT be helping as much as you think it is.
  22. Or just mark the messages that come in as spam - VERY rarely it doesn't work (so I do reply to them all) but normally it should be fine. Making a new account really WOULD be violating the TOS (and quite honestly, CS won't care that your stats were messed up by others.) Buyers can't be contacted for a reason but some VERY smart people decided to tell spammers to just write to sellers who post in BR (or even just randomly, I get several each month.)
  23. You most likely aren't going to like what I'm going to say - but the main issue is that most (if not all) of your gigs are in really really crowded categories - and some of the things that you offer are things anyone can do for themselves (which basically means that they don't need to pay someone for it, UNLESS they really are lazy/don't have the time.) I also don't quite like profiles that offer such diverse things - I know it works for some but for me it comes off as a little like you're not sure where to start/what to sell. Try to focus on one (or two) things you're genuinely interested in, invest some time learning/doing research on it, get the right softwares and you might have better luck! ( as an example, all of my gigs are writing fiction - some for books, some for scripts - but I don't have random other gigs in there (like, making a logo or something like that, even though I could most likely learn the skill.) Being new when there are so many new people IS really tough though - especially because everyone is doing the same things.
  24. My gigs are perfect for me - because they are based around my hobbies and things I love. There's no set niche that's better than others, although some might bring in more $$ but even then pricing is up to you, so...
  25. I might be too optimistic but...maybe they are realising that it genuinely does NOT help to comment all over the place? (my other idea is that whoever is coaching newbies blindly (even if they are talented) has started to realise that not everyone is happy with their 'help'.
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