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  1. My prices are still lower than what I'd like at some point (I've only been taking Fiverr seriously for a year, before that I always had another job AND school to think of!) but there are already people who charge much less than I do - and it bugs me a bit as well. But BR IS filled with people asking for 50k words for 60 bucks - and similar things (... And then the rest are scams). I remember when I was starting out and had absolutely 0 idea about how I should price my writing - seeing the BRs made me think my pricing was already on the higher end. It wasn't!) My point is - newer sellers are easily influenced by what they see - and of course, they all want orders, right? Especially when they come from countries where life is a tad different (earning $1000 where I'm at is pretty damn great for example but in Paris it'd be nothing!) It's hard to start out. (...That being said I did notice that such crazy BRs do get less answers nowadays. Maybe people are leading?)
  2. Yeah, that was probably it! I was brainstorming a..pretty messy scene once and ended up emailing support because the message was stuck and I thought something might have been wrong. Since context matters in these kinds of things... sometimes these things might happen!
  3. Since research is involved... maybe the system thought it was academic work that the two of you were discussing? (like uni/high school papers and stuff like that?) Fiverr seems to be pretty strict about that. I'm mostly just guessing though since it doesn't seem like you did anything wrong at a first read/glance.
  4. Could it possibly be that you've asked them to accept the order even though it's not 'finished' (in their eyes at least?) Maybe the system thought you've delivered an order that was not 100% complete? I brainstorm with clients and sometimes my messages get checked (horror isn't loved by fiverr, ha!) but I never had a whole conversation 'blocked' like that! Is there any word that could have triggered it that you've used? (I'm not sure about all the words but I know that some stuff can even other than like payment and email (that are the 'basics').
  5. ...corny topic I know! I'm still icky - and it's Sunday, anyway, so trying to rest up and sip on huge mugs of tea! Whenever I feel down about work (I've been pretty uninspired due to being sick) I look back at my reviews as a 'yeah, I put all this effort into this for...these words! (..fine, the money as well!) So I'm curious - what was the nicest thing that someone has ever told you about your work? (it can be either in a review/message or even not on here! I'll go first, though: I had some 'issues' with a buyer once due to them opening the wrong file and they ended up calling me 'nice and patient'. While those were not the nicest things I've ever been told, they hit hard when I was - this - close to freaking out due to the misunderstanding! (bonus point for the funniest review you've ever gotten. I need a good laugh!)
  6. I actually like this - but it depends on the niche. I feel like when it's something that requires one thing (like a website, a logo or something like that - you'll need to do your research when you find the seller you want to work with, AND make sure they are genuinely good at what they do.) BUT when it's something that consists of many parts (like a longer story in my case) as a seller !I! prefer to do a smaller order first. Helps make sure we are on the same page! THAT being said - that first order IS always paid (and it's never discounted!
  7. So... I never struggled to get orders with my writing - but I write fiction (and pretty niche stuff some of which only a few people do on the site.) If you can provide unique content, you'll be fine (but you definitely have to brush up on grammar/etc.) The truth is - fiverr as a whole is pretty dang saturated. Many people offer pretty - meh - quality stuff for pennies (which is the only reason they get orders. Instead of trying to do the 'easy' kind of gigs - I'd try to think of something else. Is there something you're good at? Maybe you can tutor someone (as you're going to school.) Even my old crappy laptop let me do videocalls and stuff (while this fancy new one won't because it doesn't have a camera yet!) Think of something fun and unique only you can bring onto the site (and I'm sure you'll do just fine!) I know how it is to be broke - I admit it's not fun. But I'm sure you'll find your passion!
  8. Tortellini sound awesome right now ! I'd make the cookies but I barely had the willpower to make steamed eggs - and half of that time was spent waiting! I'm leaning towards a cold, too - Malta was really really hot and something similar happened when I came back from Bordeaux last year, too - but it's best to find out (if I don't get better, that is!) thanks for following my little adventures - really hope I can be fully nomad soon!
  9. I'll have to try! I tried something (somewhat) similar and doused my eggs in chili oil - while it didn't work perfectly I do feel a little better! I'm not a soup person which is annoying when I'm sick! And thanks! That's my main concern - I had to actually wait for my meal to cook (...I might have forgotten to boil the water to steam the eggs so it took a looong time!) We did have cauliflower soup for lunch (one of the few I tolerate!) but I don't think I'd have the patience to make it right now! I think it's like Neocitran - the only issue is, I can't stand the taste! Since I don't work with my voice I just try to not talk much (but I've been dictating a ton so it's annoying me a bit!) Now... I sort of want pasta, though. I actually wanted to order a proper Italian pizza all day but I'm not sure if that's a good idea ha. Sushi wins over everything tho! (Italian comfort food-wise, I love the tiny pastas cooked in lots of broth. Pastina maybe? And cheese~)
  10. It's a possibility unfortunately! If I don't get any better by Monday or don't regain at least half of my strength I'll get tested just in case. I'm okay just...Exhausted and gross haha. (Tea is always good! I don't have any of my go to herbal tea left but I do have a lemon tea so will try a cuppa after dinner!) I think I saw that just now! I'm browsing more than posting lately but it cracked me up ha! You do deserve some good dinner for sure (we had pork belly Hungarian style for lunch, I'm hoping for some leftovers tomorrow so I can add some and maybe make fried rice. I haven't had any wine in a good bit - still have a lovely pricy thing in the fridge but won't risk it till I'm taking meds T.T
  11. There are orders that I'm glad the buyers don't end up reviewing. Sometimes they go missing right after I submit the order which often makes me think - are they unhappy with my work? Just the other day, I've had some issues with someone who wanted x words written but couldn't open ANY file I've sent their way (literally. I tried everything.) Imagine if they were told by Fiverr that they have to leave a review. (ended up sending it through via literal PNGs but still! On the other hand, sometimes it's just how it is. People don't want others to know that they've ordered something - or simply, they are too lazy to leave a review. Making it mandatory would...not be fun for us, is what I'm saying. (but it is a bummer when you're certain you've done a fantastic job and there's no review!)
  12. So... Selfish reason here, I've been down with a cold (...hopefully just that!) ever since I came back from Malta (to be fair, the 20-degree weather difference and the stom that I've arrived to probably doesn't help...!) I'm contemplating making steamed eggs for dinner because they tend to help but at the moment even that feels like too much effort (I'm not a great cook to start with though I try!) I'm wondering what you all like to eat/drink (if anything!) when feeling nasty. Trying to switch to non-caffeinated tea so I can sleep but I've been wanting milk tea so it's complicated! (I know this has nothing to do with work. I've been forcing myself to write a bit daily but sometimes it's better to say - no, today my brain is closed! than force creative stuff!) (pictures are very welcome, maybe they'll make me actually want to cook!)
  13. I like this - and not just because of the obvious (being too casual can be end quite...nastily, especially in some cases!) but... many people (including me) trust too easily. Knowing that buyers aren't your dudes/bros/sisters/whatevers can help distance yourself from them and realise that people who are too nice could end up...being 'nice' for a reason. Being nice but not too nice can make or break one's business. (I'm learning this as I go.) (great list of tips, really hope it blows up!)
  14. I'm crying too, but it's because I managed to get sick after coming back home from my break... now I can't work because my head is too fuzzy T.T (...I'm going to interpret this thread as a 'why are you crying' thread. Sounds good, no? Honestly though - 'mourning' and crying will not do much when you don't have any orders. Doing research, understanding why you don't have orders (...or even just taking this time to do something else other than being stuck to the screen) are great alternatives!
  15. Some of them do act like they've painted the sky... but saying that they should be treated that way is going a tad too far. I do understand that customer service is quite important, but encouraging people to be 'too nice' isn't that good. (even when I had no buyers and was starting out, I expected to be respected. It's basic HUMAN decency.)
  16. No. No no no no. Why not? Because !I! am the one with the talent that THEY need. Is it important to be polite? SURE. I'd never be rude to anyone (...fine, maybe to some spammers...) But buyers being Gods...? Come on...
  17. You should NEVER contact anyone off-site - not only is it against the TOS, if they ended up making you pay (which screams scam...) Fiverr wouldn't be able to help (and if anything, you'd get the warning.) It's clearly a scam - they might even threathen to report you for contacting them off-site (if you don't give them the 'deposit' and so on, so be careful about what you do. Just ignore and hope that they will forget about you (I'd maybe even report them, but that most likely would end up with you getting a warning..
  18. I had to tell a customer last week 'sorry, I'm hopping on a boat to do a spontaneous cruise to an island'. Didn't lose their business (...but, they did say they were jealous...hm.) It IS important to have good communication skills, but drawing the 'line' is much more important. Instead of your advice why not try: 1. Offer something unique that others haven't thought of just yet - and something that you can actually DO. 2. Improve your English skills/communication skills in the languages you speak 3. Know your worth and your limit - don't sell your soul for 5 dollars. 4. Treat your customer like you'd want to be treated by people you'd order from. (...I can't come up with number 5, still exhausted from travelling... OH, learn new skills, I guess?)
  19. Booze was not allowed as we worked with kids (tbh in the heat that was for the best. People ran around with pineapples filled with booze which made me jealous but also... It was 40 degrees outside on rocky beaches!
  20. Born and raised in Hungary (yeah, not Italy, Fiverr forgot to flip the flag) I understand where you're coming from. I was never 'good enough' for the jobs I applied to abroad - even without ever having an interview. (I know the countries aren't in the same situation, but my point is - I've been through this quite a few times.) But here's the thing: talent is what matters. If you're good at what you do, people will find you. Because honestly? Everyone on here is seeking those rare pearls that are just a 'touch better than the rest'. I've taught (well, still do from time to time) ESL as well - and I understand why the skills could 'overlap' with writing in some people's view (letter/blog/etc. writing is actually taught in high school here, isn't that crazy???) BUT... seeing all the advice here, I'd tidy up your writing gig at least. I understand that writing seems like an easy skill to make a quick buck off, but trust me that's not true. You do need good grammar, communication (...and honestly? A boat-load of creativity for most kinds of writing.) Maybe it'd be worth to take a couple workshops? Saw a really cool one for fairly cheap on horror writing a few months back (I've been just too busy to do it!) Not trying to argue with you - trying to provide a solution (and the other side of the coin.) If I DID outsource (I don't, I'm too... biased over my own writing to do that, ha!) I wouldn't care where you're coming from as long as your gig and communication were spot on.
  21. While I'd never say that my job on here is easy (writing DRAINS me... then again, work tends to do that!) I do earn enough that I took last week off to volunteer on an island and I will NOT suffer (...much...) from it. Sure, it WAS volunteering - but my point is that it can happen. I do find that when my prices were lower, I had many more clients who wanted everything and the Moon for 5 bucks. I do avoid BR (well, visit it for the odd laugh!) though. My point is - Fiverr can be frustrating, but it's not ALL bad (however, it's certainly not roses and unicorns either. It's got its flaws and NEEDS tons of improvement but it works (somewhat.) I'd raise your prices and see if that can help (but honestly, the platform might just not be ideal for the type of work you do (or even just you.) I've had several jobs I wasn't great at just because of my clumsiness (...yeah.) so it happens!
  22. All in Malta's Blue Lagoon! Prettiest water I've seen yet.
  23. Yeah looks like there's tons of posts today ha. Exactly though! Work is important (and yeah I am a bit backlogged and have a lot to catch up on!) but it drives you insane to stare at the screen all day (and all night!) (Malta is fantastic by the way, I did see most of it for free but it's actually not that pricy either ALTHOUGH! I didn't have much luck with the food (but it's probably a me thing haha)
  24. I'm back - after three weeks of being on and off site, test no.1 of 'how to live abroad and still work' was completed. Can't say it'll be easy - but it's a start! But here's the thing - I ended up 'letting go' for the last week (I was still volunteering so technically still worked...a lot...) but I didn't force myself to write like before. And why? Because I deserve it. Because most people understand 'delays might happen because I'm on vacation for a week). It's not a sin to want to do something fun once in a while! And - it certainly helped with my writer's block! I feel much better about really just... everything, I guess? I did deliver a few quick orders but tried not to stress much about them - left that for LATER (which is now, to be fair. And... I came back much more inspired than before. But I know what you might be thinking - what if I can't travel (for various reasons?) Still. Take that weekend/week off. Don't be like me! (from November untill July, I only took Christmas and New Years off - I wrote every other day (sometimes a lot, some others not much, but the point is, I never said 'fine, today I'll do something else.) Even if you're stuck at home, do something else - order a nice dinner (or just cook something fun, watch a few movies, rest. You'll feel better after. (...and here are the main stars of the post. Travel pics!)
  25. Your profile says you have 6 years of experience in your field - and that you've joined 4 years ago... ANYWAY, that aside? Not being the 'best' at something when you start out on the site is fine. We all learn - my writing has changed a lot since I've started. But... would I ever dare to say 'ah yeah, actually the first time I wrote was on Fiverr?' Even if it was true (it's not, I have a background in writing....stuff...) it'd look pretty...ya know. Unprofessional. Clearly, you're good at what you do (I mean, your reviews say so at least) but... I just really disagree with your message here. Seriously. You need skill (or at least a LOT of talent) to make it anywhere.
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