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  1. She is saying that Hi friends, I want to create a concert, but I have a problem. The description section I wrote is automatically deleted. @wp_kid @mehedi_h_mahmud @rumeysaispay It’s just for her help Regards
  2. thanks a lot for your knowledgeable words for us ❤️ I have also mentioned that first learn a specific skill
  3. @easmatara1990 All qualified & skilled professional instructs the following guidelines to avoid dishearten at Fiverr learn a specific skill Respond Byers request very accurately Make an eye-catching Gig Stay confident
  4. Nice Words for New Joiners Thankyou very much @priyab468
  5. Stay with Patience with constructive approach & work hard on your assignments @skalmasud
  6. How is that going to work if new sellers have zero skills to perform service of those top ten best popular GIGs? Be born, learn, study, eat healthily, exercise, gain skills, develop a list of your services, do the research what you can do that can be delivered online, join Fiverr, create GIGs, work on your social media presence, and get clients and orders. If that fails, then repeat: learn, study, eat healthily, exercise, gain new skills. Thank you @marinapomorac
  7. For new sellers the top ten best popular gigs on Fiverr Would you please contribute your replies?
  8. Welcome to the world’s best-earning web site Fiverr be positive & show some patience Best of Luck
  9. Of course, you are right @vickiespencer Thanks for your sharing
  10. @english_voice Thank you for highlighting the real causes
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