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  1. I think this new level system is messy, After the new level system was published, my score was 8. It's been about 2 months now, and I've delivered around 20 projects, all with 5-star reviews, but the score has remained stuck at 8 without any change! I just pray for this and don't know how it can be improved!
  2. The seller had set a delivery time of 7 days to complete the order, and you canceled it on day 5! Wow, that's impressive!!!
  3. You should reach out to customer support; that's what I did, they will give you another chance to send your ID, and my ID was eventually approved after a while.
  4. Has Fiverr restored the old questions?🤔 I see the old questions in the last two deliveries I have, and my rating has returned to 5 from 4.9.
  5. That's exactly what we, as sellers, need to do in light of these new changes. Fiverr's decision to allow buyers to leave a review even after refunds and cancellations is something I strongly disagree with. That's why I've made the personal decision not to cancel anything!! Buyers are entitled to ask for revisions, but they can't simply demand order cancellations. You've invested your time into their project, so it's perfectly reasonable to kindly reject their cancellation request and explain that you're only able to offer revisions. After all, your time is valuable, and you've already dedicated it to their project. In the worst-case scenario, they might leave a negative review after delivery. However, with the new system, they can even leave a negative review after cancellation. In the end, you are at least getting paid for your work!!
  6. I really don't understand what you mean by sellers manipulating the algorithms. Transparency is crucial... we need to understand how the system works to align ourselves with it and improve our services while maintaining quality.
  7. So you're glad that we don't know about this system! But how can we improve ourselves then? How can we understand what we need to do to increase our SS? Please do not tell me to go and read the information provided on the SS page because it is not helpful🤔
  8. Received another 5 star review! Hoping that with two 5 star reviews in one day, my success score will increase from 8 to 9, I really dont know what I need to do for this new system so I only can pray😅
  9. this section is exactly unclear to me, How on earth will they assess my communication skills? Is the AI going to read through all our chats?🤨
  10. My Success score dropped from 9 to 8 before I delivered an order!! Now that I've delivered an order and received a 5-star rating, do I expect it to go up again? I really don't understand how I can make it go up and why it goes down. well, in the old score system, I could at least crunch some numbers and pretend to understand what was going on. Now, it's like playing seller score roulette ... I just spin the wheel and hope for the best!
  11. I've just received that as well. I look forward to seeing what will happen with my account. I hope Fiverr makes all of us happy with a hidden twist🙂
  12. Same for me, I'm curious to know what exactly buyers understand by the "value of delivery" that leads them to give it a lower rating🤨
  13. Clients who gave me 5 stars, and most of them wrote lengthy AAA reviews for me. Does that mean they gave me a bad private review? It does not make sense🤔
  14. What's going on? My overall rating dropped from 5 to 4.8. Why is that? For this gig, I have 26 five-star reviews, and all my clients left long, awesome reviews for me. So, why did the quality of delivery become 3.1?
  15. I would love to see the success score display decimal numbers. My success score is 9, but I don't know if I am closer to 8 or 10.
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