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  1. You have awaken the dead thread ! If you have any question post your own new topic rather then raising it in someone else's Topic ! Although I don't think you are in any problem as I see buyer has just inquired about your service and did not place any order yet ! @karmadesigns @zahid_khan_67 @sk_moni You are replying to 4 months old thread and I guess buyer and seller has already settled the situation !
  2. You need to wait for a buyer to come across your gigs ! Create it with the Eye catching images and clear description ! But rather than waiting for them to find you, find your self a buyer from buyers’ request section that would increase a chances for your first sale !
  3. My first order was $10 ! And then almost my next 12 orders were around 5-10 and 15 ! And then I received my very first large order of $125 and received my very first Tip of $50 of my freelancing career ! that total of $175 was almost half of my previous job’s monthly salary!!! Thats what started my whole career of freelancing !!
  4. Order completion rate is calculated based on orders you completed in last 60 days ! So before cancellation you hade 90% of completion rate based on all order you completed till that date, Now you cancelled 1 and you dropped it to 89% ! You did not get more orders after that and already completed orders went out of time period of 60 days , so now you have less orders over the course of 60 days but still 1 cancelled order so it automatically went down to 88% ! You need to keep similar number of orders in 60 days to maintain it
  5. Thanks for sharing it ! can you please help me understand how can I stay online for 24 hours ? As you said, “Try to stay online 24 hours.” I did it earlier but eventually I fell asleep and I was offline again🥺 Or you meant 24 hours a week or month ?
  6. @genuineguidance ! Thanks for explaining that but seriously I do know what that means and thats what I was trying to say, that we should not do that with strangers ! I mean not to make joke with or joke of any random guy, we dont know how would he take that and what he might endup thinking !
  7. Show me if you made any sale in Senegal 🙈
  8. One the best I believe is not to rush to take the job ! - Take a time to understand the job - Check if that fits to your skills - If the Buyer him self understand what he wants and how it would be rendered ? - If the new job would adjust with your current schedule ? - Would that job pay you enough for the efforts you will put in it ? And there may be more but these are the one I got in my mind for now 😄 So do not just rush to inbox and say Yes I can do it - I will do it in 24 hours - please place the order ! But take your time and later start the project !
  9. So I tried it on my own and worked for me! Try going back to History of your browser and open up all links that says "/inbox" and you may see one of that link to be a link to your deleted conversation !
  10. So your question is already answered ! Now my question is why do you want to use auto refresher and want to look all time active on fiverr ?
  11. From my point of view, It depends on amount of order ! if its like $100- 200 take the negative reviews, and you get a chance to reply to that reviews to share your side of story ! but it its just $5-10 and you didnt invested much time just let it go and cancel the order ! You may get more order to recover that cancellation !
  12. I wonder if you made up your own "Meaning" of "Pulling Leg" ! Then I am sorry I don't know ! GG !!!
  13. Hmmm ! so you didn’t get the taunt here ! But I am glad you shout out loud that what google says ! Thats what we kept saying here all around and gave up at last ! @captainwarlord I am assume you are still not following ! A couple of years ago I accidentally call someone sir and I was in trouble ! In that sense, If thats what we don't do, This is absolutely what we should not do ! ( the pulling leg of stangers thing ) I have seen people saying, “ Dont call me brother - I am not your brother” ! But we still pull leg ? 🤔🤔
  14. You don't pull a leg of strangers, Just like you don't call people, "brother - sister - mam- sir" you dont know ! This may be public but not every one would visit your profile to see whats happening with it, I didn't know until you posted ! This would be embracing for the guy who liked your comments ! One guy already mentioned him in thread.. There should not be anything wrong if someone liking your comments, you don't know how he's looking at you may be he's really liking your replies ? I see it as shaming just like @corsogr said !
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