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  1. Happy for the connections I’ve built and still building. Let’s win on Fiverr together 💫

  2. How many Orders have you completed on Fiverr? Me:
  3. It's my first Week(7 Days) on Fiverr Forum 🎊🎉

  4. Although I'm just about to complete my 5th order. But 100 orders? You should be proud 🏆
  5. Congratulations 🎉👏
  6. I needed to earn money for myself and I have some services I render willing to be served, everything left was a buyer to buy my imagination, idea, innovation for their project and here seems my best choice. I love it!
  7. Yes there is. It's going to affect your seller profile
  8. My goal I just set now is complete $400 order by March Ending
  9. I just received my first 150k/month salary from fiverr 🎊🏆 $192 earnings, $6 2 withdrawals through payoneer $186 to my local currency, payoneer in-withrawals rate = 156k Naira Whoo! Glad to be here. $308 earnings more I'll be eligible to send through Payoneer and it's funds will be converted at higher rate. I want to serve better I offer these services : -Music writing + vocals (Rap,Trap,Drill) -Scriptwriting -Brand Influencing -Graphics designing -Resume Building. TAKING ORDERS NOW!!!
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