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  1. Hi, Is it available on Huawei App Gallery now? If it is how does it work? I want to know if Fiverr works on Huawei before moving on to a new phone. My old phone was also an Huawei. Thank you
  2. There are small companies of multiple people sell in Fiverr under one seller name. This is not illegal. I get hired buy other sellers who offer the same service I do. They simply pass the instructions. But this could cause problems to some work and may taker longer to finish a project than when working directly with guy who does the work. I have first hand experience 🙂
  3. Wow! That’s good information. Thank you for sharing with us. Not everyone can afford the latest and the greatest. That’s definitely not helpful for new sellers. I have the same problem. My phone runs on android kit kat. So new versions of the app are not supported. Although I get the gmail message it has a delay about 10 to 15 minutes. The mobile web site is very poor. It’s good to communicate with the buyers. Most other functions in the app are not available in the website.
  4. Hi, Have anyone of you used the Fiverr app on a Android Go 8.1 device? How was it? Was it usable in such a low end device? The phone I intend to buy is a 4" screen, 512mb ram, $36 device. The ui and other functions are smooth and work well. Just want to know if the Fiverr app will work on an Android Go device. Thank you Shifan
  5. Hi All, I sent a message to a buyer with attachments yesterday. Since I didn’t get any response from the buyer I went to send a message from the order page only to realize the message I sent yesterday is missing from the order page. And I am also facing an issue with the last seen feature on the app. Just wanted know if anyone else is having these problems. I’ll be contacting the CS soon. Thank you
  6. Yeah and some buyer requests are actually spams with there own link.
  7. The same trick is used to defame competition. They send messages posing as someone else so they will be removed by Fiverr.
  8. This happens every ones in while
  9. I think Fiverr is doing a maintainance update. Other parts of Fiverr also having problem.
  10. If someone asks my email I tell them why I can’t give it and provide alternative ways through Fiverr message. If they insist I ask them politely to find someone else.
  11. So the other two members didn’t help you? :thinking:
  12. My income from Fiverr dropped so bad. I am also a 2nd level seller. Didn’t get any order for weeks. I have still earned only $4 for April. I will lose my levels because a buyer cancelled an order after he got everything he mentioned in the buyer request but requested modification for a totally new requirement. So I am looking for other ways to earn a living. I quit my job when I started working on Fiverr, but now I have to look for other ways.
  13. Fiverr is just a market place to sell your services. Like in a real physical marketplace you’re the one who has to worry about your business. You won’t even blame a physical market place. If you’re not getting any business you will just close the business and move away. Because there is no point. The market place is not going to pay your bills and rent.
  14. I would love to see Fiverr block access to the order files in case it was a chargeback or cancellation. It’s really unfair we the buyer get the work done for free and we get all the punishment. We loose the money, wast time, enery and to make things worse our profile get affected, we loose 10% of the usual impressions. At least if can block access for the to download the file that would be a some kind relief.
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