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  1. Thanks a lot. I think I need to work with my gig description and keywords
  2. I searched by using different filters. But haven't using language as a filter.
  3. Yes, It is a new gig. Okay, let see what happen after 7-10 days btw thanks a lot
  4. I recently published a gig on lead generation. I can't find the gig by searching with my keywords. Even after searching with my full gig title, I can't find it. What should I do now? N.B: I'm a new seller, I only have one review in my account.
  5. Hello Seniors, After updating Fiverr rules about buyer request, till now I didn't find any matching or buyer briefs. Initially, I thought this was happening due to my poor gig research or due to using less organic keywords. Then I updated my keywords of gigs along with the descriptions. But there are no changes... I'm still in a bad situation to find any buyer brief or match. So, what can I do now? Help me by providing your valuable opinion and suggestions. Thanks
  6. Thanks a lot. I was a bit of confused about the proper way of designing my thumbnails. I will change my gig images ASAP. Again, thank you for your valuable advice.
  7. I created my account in Fiverr almost two months ago. After creating my account I posted 3 gigs within a week, then recently I have posted another two gigs (in the image I marked those). Though the impression of my gigs is increasing day by day, I didn't get enough click according to my gig's impression. How to get rid of this situation? Do I need to edit my gigs? How I can increase my sale?
  8. I'm also a new seller like you. I marked some point from my point of view, as a new seller you need to make your gig very professionally and you need to concern about your gig description and pricing also. Then you need to send buyer request regularly. Hopefully it will works with you.
  9. I'm also a sufferer of this problem. Now I'm trying to do more market research and make some realistic customer attractive gig.
  10. I created my account few days ago and I published 4 gigs already. Before publishing gig, I tried to find out the best keyword and also tried to find low competitive but demandable keyword. I also did image SEO before adding images in my gig. But I'm frustrated as I didn't receive my expected impression and clicks. How can I improve my gig raking?
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