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  1. Hey The website has changed again, this time I can't seem to be able to see the previous orders with a buyer anymore. Before, on the inbox page, on the right you were able to see the numbers of previous orders, you clicked on it and it showed all the orders and you were able to click on the one you wanted to see. Now you can only see the number of orders and some stats but you can't select the order you want to check anymore. For example, if a client wants a design update, I can't search for the initial order were I had all the info I needed, photos, fonts and so on. Do you guys have any idea how to see previous orders?
  2. Another day, another review that is not relevant, yet Fiverr will not care. I know we had the option to ask the buyer to review again if they wanted, of course this option it's now gone.
  3. The "value for money" one is stupid considering you know the price before ordering and a lot of people will not give a 5/5 because they consider it can be cheaper. I'm on Fiverr since 2012 and all the changes only help pressure the seller in accepting the bs of some buyers and sell for lower price, don't cancel any order and so on. Some of the changes also feels like it's some sort of experiment to see how it will go. I for one will do my job as usual until it will not be worth my time anymore, it's just business. At the moment Fiverr values a buyer that just placed 1 order VS a seller that has invested years of work in this platform, do I have to say more? Also, feel like our feedback is not appreciated. Remember the hidden buyer reviews? private reviews? reviews on a canceled order? and now this system? we never agree with any of it yet it as implemented. I think it's safe to say that people who made the changes never sold any gig on this platform, we are just statistics.
  4. I don't get this part of the review, people see the price of the gig before ordering, if they think it's not worth it, why don't they buy from a seller that provides the same service for a lower price? Also, a lot of the buyers are not aware of the 20% cut or the taxes sellers must pay in their country for the earnings. Basically they rate a $50 service as expensive but the seller only ends up keeping $25 by the time they finish with all the taxes.
  5. Update, I was able to do it using the Fiverr phone app, not sure why it is not possible from the laptop browser. @donnovan86 I have seller plus but to be honest, not sure if it's worth it...
  6. only have "report" or "mark as spam" + even if there was a block option, you would not be able to block a seller that never messaged you on the inbox...
  7. Hey I just noticed I can't find the option to block a buyer anymore, can't we do that anymore? For example, someone placed an order, provided no info and when I asked for information, he canceled the order saying he already took care of it => my stats get affected => I don't want this buyer to be able to order from me again because I had a "previous negative experience"... I don't see this option anymore. thx!
  8. I don't remember to have any cancellations on my gig other than 1 or 2 that the clients canceled before submitting any info with the mention "ordered by mistake". But on the Order cancellations it's stated "negative impact". How is that something I can control? I presume the new rating is based on the things people pick after leaving a review, for example "Politeness • Deep understanding • Delivery time" BUT if 10 peopel who are happy don't select anything and one client who is unhappy selects multiple bad options, will then the gig have an overall negative impact? Usually I'm against Fiverr adding new things because I think there are other aspects that should be addressed but I think this thing might be good IF it's calibrated to be accurate and now I don't think it is.
  9. I have sold more than 500+ on that gig, no one expected to receive a video. Some sellers don't read the gig description or don't pay any attention to what message they receive. If I was to recive a 1 star, was that review relevant? Was my fault or the buyer? Fiverr won't delete the review 😶
  10. I think In 10 years I have 100 tickets opened, most of the time is just a standard answer, no review will be removed because "the buyer has the right to share it's exeprience". Doesen't matter how absurd a review is. I've also placed 30+ orders as a buyer on here, I can say I understand both ups and downs of this update.
  11. If 2-3 persons tells you that something is bad, they might be wrong, but when almost everybody tells you that something is bad, what are the chances that you're wrong and not them? Just take a minute to consider it.
  12. I don't think anyone cancels orders that hey can complete/make sure the buyer is happy. Or is there anyone who enjoys working for free? Besides that, some sellers have more than 200+ orders a month, it's impossible to satisfy every buyer. I do still agree that instead of this new rule, the cancel rate should be visible on every gig. but Fiverr is a business afterall and it cares more about the people who spend money on this platform, make sure they place an order and be less less likely to receive a refund. Sellers will preffer to at least keep the money that will come with a low rating anyway.
  13. I think it is a good idea BUT keep in mind we allready have a "Order completion" thing that we must keep over 90% in order to not lose your lvl. For example I got TRS and I don't plan to lose that by canceling orders. Considering this, anyone who is LVL 2 or 3 or TRS will cancel just as much now as before, the only thing that will change is the number of negative reviews. I think serious sellers will be more careful with people who they will work with => less sales => less profit for fiverr => might be the first time when a decision will be reverted. Only time will tell.
  14. I think in the end we will have to get used with it, I can't think of a single change that we as sellers didn't agree with and FIverr has listened to us and reverted it. Even if I usualy have maybe 2% or less canceled orders, I will be very selective with new orders and I presume that will be the case with other sellers. If this entire change was in order for the platform to create more revenue, I think it will backfire.
  15. "This new option seems made to make sellers communicate more with customers and not deliver late orders" 🤣 I can't go anywhere for more than half a day without having to take the laptop with me because if I activate vacation mode, when I get back to work, the algorithm is made in such a way that your gig won't get sales anymore and you will have to struggle to rank back up. This is just modern slavery and all the changes made only accentuates it. But it seems some people don't care about their rights. EDIT: "This content must be approved before it can be posted." 🤣 no more free speech
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