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Help response time by being able to mark certain people as "not interested"

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I am sure you get people contacting you that you simply aren’t interested in working with, and if you don’t respond to them(I am assuming that the messaging system plays a part in relation to response time as I usually get back to people ordering from me within 24 to 48 hours.) your response time goes up.

I feel a relevant feature would be the simple ability to mark “not interested” or something along those lines for those messaging you. I mean, you could always say simply you’re not interested in doing the work for them, but by doing so you may potentially offend them. There are some people that you just don’t want to escalate things by telling them you don’t want the orders, and that is where the “not interested” marking would come in handy. The main purpose of which would reduce the “response time” mention and help to increase buyer confidence in the given user.


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