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About Criminal Offers


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Getting more help for the forum will be awesome and I’m glad you agree! I’ll make a note of your interest in volunteering. 😉

The BR thing is a bit messier, I must say, although honestly I haven’t seen many “criminal” offers like that post mentioned and I’ve tried gigs in a lot of categories. Perhaps that OP was on there when one crazy person was making weird requests. I occasionally see a legal but weird request (send pictures of your toes) and I do see hacking requests once in awhile. The hacking requests probably aren’t all illegal in every country and Fiverr would likely penalize buyer and seller if someone accepted one that was unethical or illegal.

Otherwise, I usually see requests by other sellers (dumb) or requests from buyers who want 200 videos for $5 or something. The filtering system doesn’t seem to work well there, but Fiverr was never much for the bidding side of things. Hopefully someday they’ll clean it up, but I see it as mainly a fractionally useful tool for slow times or new sellers.

@fonthaunt: I liked the Mod idea! This works!

Thank you all for the great info! Now I am certain that Fiverr is doing its best to avoid criminals.

The community and the system can maintain the site secured.

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It would be great if Fiverr had a feature to report Buyer requests which are fraudulent / criminal / adverts to sell their gigs etc.

Hi Aileana, maybe vote/comment on this post in Fiver Site Suggestions, so staff might see that many people think so in one spot? 🙂

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Poll - Report-Button for 'Buyers Request'

We need a Report-Button for BR to report spamming sellers. We need a Report-Button for BR to report illegal/against TOS/shady buyer requests. We need a Report-Button for BR to report both of the above. 0voters Choose up to 3 options Votes are...

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The FBI is not usually interested at all in things like you are describing. They ignore 99.9% of everything they hear about especially if it’s on the internet. If it is terrorist related, or a threat to national security that’s different.

And they usually only deal with offences worth more than a million dollars.

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