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Fiverr's idea of transparency? Really?

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I've been with Fiverr for 10yrs. and with the new level system, I feel more in the dark than ever before. Since the launch of the new level system, I have received 4 five star reviews and a couple of tips. However, my success score has not moved at all! What does it take to make progress? It's a mystery. Only Fiverr knows. There are sooo many ways my numbers can take a dive overnight! But to move my numbers in a positive direction takes an act of God. There's NO transparency! Fiverr's private reviews are a complete joke. I have no way of knowing what a client is saying about me with their private review...but those reviews affect my overall numbers...really stupid. This is not transparency!  With the new level system, my level dropped from a level 2 to a level 1 with no explanation! Now that I'm a level 1, the quality of my gig requests has gone down. I now receive "bottom of the barrel" gig requests that make "near nothing" money. Through no fault of my own, I feel like I've been forced to start all over again and climb the Fiverr mountain to where I once was a month ago. Fiverr has once again "moved the goal posts" to success. 

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I'm having a hard time as well trying to fix my score, it seems that no matter how many orders I complete it doesn't change, I've been making sure to work on all the metrics that it's mentioning but no luck so far.
Also, you can't tell if your going forward or backward with the success score bar since you have no way of knowing if you're closer to the next score or may drop backwards (there's no representation/movement between numbers)

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