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Do this one thing to get more ORDERS everyday!


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Hey Fiverrs,

From my experiences as a Seller and a frequent Buyer the one thing I learned is what’s the right thing to do to get more orders. I know sending buyer requests or having an amazing gig usually works. But more important than that is just one thing.

It is to be ONLINE at the right moments.

As a Seller I have lost many potential buyers because I didn’t reply immediately and the buyer had to look elsewhere to get the work done.
As a Buyer when I’m going through gigs I tend to contact the ones online only. This is simply because I want to get my work done as soon as possible.

So Sellers, the only thing you got to do is stay online at the right time(sometimes all your potential buyers from the other side of the world will be online while you are sound asleep). If possible try to stay online at all times!

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I agree. Whenever I’m on the computer or at my desk I always make sure to have Fiverr open in a tab. This way prospective buyers know I’m online, an active seller, and can provide a quick response to any questions they may have before ordering.

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