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  1. I checked your profile. You have good reviews on your profile now. Don’t think about that now. 🙂
  2. hmm I don’t think writing again to CS will help then. You should let it go and try to earn some good reviews so this go down and your overall rating will become good
  3. May be you should write to CS again. As per my experience if you made the delivery on time buyer can’t cancel it without opening a dispute for another reason like poor quality etc. There will be an option for you to accept his/her dispute. If buyer go through CS then they can’t leave reviews. Something is wrong I think
  4. Did you deliver after the order marked as “late”? If you deliver on time buyer can’t cancel it by him/her self without going through CS . :thinking:
  5. you got a refund? That’s a good thing to hear. I was really disappointed because a buyer cancelled 4 completed orders after a month. They even use my graphic now. There was only one issue but I fixed it successfully. how ever I still got no response from CS . That would be good if CS can ask the seller about the issue before force cancelling
  6. Hello. Welcome to fiverr community. Your profile is good as I can see. The category you are in is very competitive. So it will take some time to get orders. By the time you can go to https://learn.fiverr.com/ and enroll to a free course. This one is really good and have many tips that every seller should know Learn from Fiverr Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr SellerLearn how to grow your freelance business on Fiverr, get Fiverr's top sellers best strategies and tips and become a successful online freelancer Also you can try sending Buyer Requests and do some social media promotions Wish you all the best! 😀
  7. BRs are showing at a time a day which I am not sure when. You need to check several times .
  8. Since you are expert in facebook you can try doing some promotion there…
  9. You can also try Buyer Requests section to drag attention of buyers who post their job offers
  10. May be this is something wrong with the bank account :roll_eyes:
  11. BR means Buyer Requests. Do you know about that? You can see it under “More” on your Dashboard This is hard to believe. You can see many successful sellers from your country. Buyers don’t by from your country. They come to you. If you are talented enough to keep them with you, your country’s economy doesn’t matter
  12. Hello there Order cancellation is a problem of cause but it is normal. you can recover soon with that. Did you try BR and self promotion? I don’t think you should giveup on your current account.
  13. Congratulations. Well for me, I used BR zone until I reached like 100th order 😀
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