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  1. Great news! I’m interested in being invited to Seller Plus.
  2. My cancelation rate is 6% of all orders I’ve completed. It’s from 7-9 gigs.
  3. Welcome! Great to have you join us.
  4. Looking forward to the post-migration experience.
  5. You may report a buyer to Fiverr Customer Support. They will take action if it’s appropriate. Whether the user is banned depends on the infraction and the user’s history.
  6. Odd behavior. I’d block them and move on. It might be tempting to make a sale in the short-term, but trust me, it’s not worth the hassle or stress in the long-term.
  7. Welcome to Fiverr! Look forward to seeing you around the forum.
  8. I don’t know what these messages mean or whether they come from bots. I do know the best course of action is to mark them as spam and block the user.
  9. Welcome to the forum! I also started on Fiverr during student life. Glad to read you’re here full-time now.
  10. Looking forward to it. See you all there!
  11. Yes, you can do that! Many of us do. Sellers are allowed to post a select number of Gigs based on their Level status, and these gigs can be in any Fiverr categories. Please note you must use the same account. Only one is permitted per user.
  12. I occasionally notice trends like this too. Unfortunately, I’m unaware of any recent changes or any settings/filters that may exclude buyer requests I’m not qualified for. I usually just hit “remove request” and move on, but I understand that really doesn’t solve the problem.
  13. I understand the concern. However, I don’t think it’s necessary. Requests to cancel after completion are assessed by the Customer Support team, and decisions are based on violations of the Terms of Service or general misconduct, such as harassment, unlawful behavior, etc. Further, orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered if the service was rendered as described. Based on what you’ve shared, I see no reason for the buyer to succeed in canceling the order now out of spite.
  14. Sorry to hear about the trouble! I have been in your position with one or two buyers in the past. From Fiverr’s Seller Help Center: The order will be “completed” within three days of delivery, assuming the buyer doesn’t mark it as such beforehand. If this has happened, you should be able to block the buyer now. Because the order is completed, they shouldn’t be able to cancel assuming you delivered the work as promised. Note: I believe buyers have 10 days to leave a review. While it shouldn’t make a difference, it’s possible a buyer could realize they’ve been blocked and have an implicit or explicit bias when they go to rate their experience. Not saying this will happen, and I understand it’s unfair, but it’s something I’d consider in your situation.
  15. Welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing you around.
  16. Welcome to the forum! See you around.
  17. All sellers are responsible for their tax obligations. Per the Terms of Service:
  18. Welcome to Fiverr! Look forward to seeing you around the forum.
  19. Depending on the gig, I offer one or two revisions. I’ve rarely had buyers request more than that, if any revisions to begin with, so it generally has remained a non-issue.
  20. I only use Payoneer. With a $1 flat fee, direct deposit to my checking account is the way to go.
  21. Seller here! It has been that way for over 4.5 years now.
  22. Welcome to Fiverr, @sindi_kopani! Great to have you join us. I look forward to seeing you around the forum.
  23. Very impressive! Keep up the great work.
  24. Hello, @kobusingye! Welcome to Fiverr! Happy to have you join us.
  25. Welcome to Fiverr! Happy to have you join us.
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