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I put my phone number in and I never got the sms text, and when I ask for sms again it said that I have reached max attempts. Is the max attempt one? Even when I never got the sms.

Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 10.09.07 am.png

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3 minutes ago, shaon_design said:

Wait for 24 hours and you can attempt the verification again



4 minutes ago, aminul_design said:

Tray again after 24 hours.

How is it that BOTH of you comment almost together on every post??

Does same person operate both accounts?? 🧐

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21 hours ago, agonza1101 said:

They probably believe their participation in the forum is directly related to the number of orders they will get in Fiverr

Surely someone will get impressed with their forum participation and place a $1000 order with both of them, simultaneously!!! 

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