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  1. People need to know you are who you say you are. Trust is a massive factor on Fiverr.
  2. You can only change reviews with the consent of the buyer. maybe there was a communication issue or they didn’t understand what they were buying. You can delete them just because you don’t like them being there. The best way to eliminate the effect of bad reviews is to have hundreds of great reviews.
  3. I thought December was going to really slow but it has been the best month yet. I have secured contracts where other have been snoozing and got quite a bit from fiverr too. Never switch off guys.
  4. I like the positivism on this thread. When times are slack for a writer then this is a great opportunity to write for yourself rather than someone else. I plan to write a novel and a non-fiction book if things go quiet. Training, reading and generally getting your business ready for next year are other great ways to head into the December period.
  5. I don’t know if it already does, but I’d make sure your gig page explains that to people.
  6. I think that we are here to fill a need. The customer obviously doesn’t know a great deal about what they want or what you can deliver until they have tried you. They don't have the required skills or they would have carried it out themselves. Having worked in other industries I know the difference communication can make. The lack of communication causes people to give you lower ratings, be less likely to give a tip and be contacting you with questions like “do you have my order?” If you sent a quick message to say “thank for the order, I’ll be in touch soon.” or similar then your customers mind is at rest.
  7. As a seller and a buyer on fiverr I have found that communication levels are much lower than I would expect. Having worked in many industries over a long period of time I know the value of communication, but it doesn’t always exist on fiverr. Here are my tips- As soon as you get an order through, send them a message. Even if it is a quick “thank you. I’ll get back to you soon.” The void of communication makes buyers nervous. Read the gig instructions as soon as possible and ask questions if you son’t totally understand. The idea that is in the buyers head may not come thorough on paper very well. This will clear up misunderstanding, stop any revisions and protect your ratings. If it is a long job then don’t just go away and forget to communicate. If you have an order that is 10 days plus then send little updates so the buyer doesn’t think you have forgotten them. As I say, communication is king.
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