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  1. Or show the actual number of sales. Usually buyers don’t hang here like sellers checking if it is reviewed.
  2. It is 10 days, so more than a few. Or is that different than your experience? :thinking: I haven’t counted the days. But in my experience countless times have I found myself unable to review the Sellers as I came back later.
  3. According to the new update Buyers cannot leave reviews few days after the order has been automatically completed. Whenever I work with a Seller I go back to the order few days later to leave them a review. But it’s not possible anymore unless you decide to review the order immediately after it’s auto-completed.
  4. In a situation like this I would suggest you create a Custom Extra for $XX saying ‘I will make a design based on minimal information’. If it is a serious buyer they wouldn’t mind paying extra for your extra work. You can clearly explain to the buyer saying some orders don’t fit within the criteria of the Gig Packages, which is why Fiverr has the Custom Offer feature. So because your buyer didn’t order through a Custom Offer, the only option for the buyer is to accept your Custom Extra.
  5. 70 orders in one day probably is a new Fiverr record. That could be the reason why they suspect malicious activity.
  6. The OP has a good point. It is difficult for good sellers to rely on Fiverr as a consistent form of income. There is no assurance that you will be on top if you are good. But then again, from Fiverr’s perspective, it is bad to always keep the good ones in front page because the good sellers with many reviews will totally dominate the market. The front page is very valuable real estate and everyone wants to be there. But if Fiverr needs to sustain for a long time it should promote new sellers as well. It sucks for long time sellers with good reputation, but Fiverr is for everyone and they need to do this for their own good. Lots of og sellers who have been consistent have been affected by the new algorithm. But it doesn’t help to complain. Fiverr is looking at the bigger picture, and sellers should do too. Change is always there. But are we ready to adapt to it?
  7. Why would you offer to exchange money on Fiverr? This is not a money exchange! :woman_facepalming:
  8. Once the order is cancelled it is not your site anymore. It is just simple as that. On the other hand, I recommend this Top Seller if you still prefer to get your work done. https://www.fiverr.com/declanmaltman I have not worked with this seller before, but he has posted a good article on this forum which proves he is good at what he does. I hope you get your site up and running perfectly soon. Cheers!
  9. What happened to you is so unfortunate. There are lots of sellers on Fiverr who are very professional. But if Fiverr refunded you the payment then you don’t own the service you received from Fiverr. Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for the order?
  10. Start by sending Buyer requests and also include words like ‘anime characters’ or ‘cartoon’ etc in the gig description because people who need such art don’t search for ‘chibi’ or anything specific like that.
  11. Hey Doers, I see lots of New Sellers frustrated that they haven’t yet got their first order on Fiverr. It is alright to be concerned. Fiverr today is not the same Fiverr that was 3 years ago when I started. Back in 2016 it just took 1 month to reach Level 1. But now with more Sellers in every category the competition is way higher. But, it is no reason to lose hope. Fiverr is constantly promoting New Sellers to the first page every day. You just have to be patient and close the sale when you get a prospective client. Three things to remember: Make sure you offer services that are actually in demandHave something slightly unique to have an edgeDon’t ever give upYou don’t really have to try to understand the system or even try to beat the system. Just trust the system and Fiverr will do everything for you. Just focus on providing a quality service that people need and in time everything will turn out in your favor. Peace
  12. @kholland65 You are right! I raised the same issue a few weeks ago about pricing and market valuation. When we are driven by Quantity over Quality, we will be digging our own graves.
  13. You should keep doing what you are doing and hope you will be one soon. TRS is hand picked by the editorial team so we don’t really know what criteria they look for. Usually, they also do not like to saturate the market with too many Top Rated Sellers.
  14. @oscarspaeglis why did you accept the cancellation request? I do not think it is possible to cancel an order after it has been rated. A few years back same thing happened to me and I reported to Customer Support and they sorted it out for me. They said it was a bug. On a side note cancelling an order after it has been delivered is a really crappy thing to do. I am currently dealing with a client who wants to cancel the order after I have delivered it. I even offer unlimited revisions to everyone to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and this buyer doesn’t even want to revise. But sometimes we come across cheap buyers like this who want to take advantage of the cancellation button and walk away with a free product. This is a huge problem for Sellers.
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