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  1. If it’s not in their ‘editorial focus,’ then changing the description won’t help. You will need to create a new gig that doesn’t do what the old one did.
  2. That’s great to know. I did something very similar around 18 months ago. I don’t just rely on Fiverr now, as my reputation has grown locally as well, but it was the best thing I have ever done. I work for myself, get to spend my days with people I love and earn more than I have ever earned before. Here’s to your future!
  3. It’s not a bug, that’s how Fiverr wants it to work. It’s a good thing that sellers can’t change gig URLs, otherwise you could get reviews for one thing, change the gig to offer something completely different (while pretending that you got great reviews for that and not for the previous service), and never get caught. It’s certainly a bug for me. It bugs the hell out of me. Why isn’t it a bug for people?
  4. We all started at the beginning… A website doesn’t cost much to produce. There are some great providers on Fiverr.
  5. You can’t pay Fiverr to appear higher in searches. You can use social media, as suggested, as well as looking on Buyer Requests to see if people want what you can do. When I started on Fiverr, I used to have a website promoting my services and pointing back to my gigs. This is a good way to develop exposure for what you do.
  6. It’s been a bug for people for some time now. Not sure what they have planned for it.
  7. It connects talented people with those who are looking for talented people. Kind of makes sense.
  8. Good luck for today. I’ve got my fingers crossed for TRS, but can’t see it happening!
  9. You sound like a perfectionist - that’s really refreshing to hear.
  10. That’s great stuff and a big step in the right direction. Tomorrow the world!
  11. People make the mistake of contacting past buyers repeatedly. Let me tell you that doesn’t do anything to build a relationship. And it can get you reported for spamming. If they want something and were pleased with what you did last time, then they will be back. Trust in your ability.
  12. I don’t understand how this happens. If it is all completed and delivered, then you have carried out your work and Fiverr should ensure you get paid. Major issue that needs immediate attention.
  13. You need to talk to Customer Services - there is nothing that people on the Forum can do. Find out why they have deleted it and try to rectify. Good luck with it.
  14. It did use to be a requirement, but under the new system it isn’t. But I think that participating in the forum is about far more than moving up the ranking system. Sharing experience is vital for any organization to flourish - and Fiverr is no different.
  15. If you have a genuine question then Fiverr customer services is the best place to have this resolved. Otherwise, keep submitting quality Buyer Requests, promote your gig, check the performance and it will all come back to you. I think that due to the algorithms, there are always ebbs and flows on Fiverr. Think about how this works for you.
  16. This question has been asked (and answered) hundreds of times on the forum. Search through and see the advice given to others. Fiverr takes time for you to become established and earn good money, so be patient and keep plugging away. Good luck!
  17. It’s just a variation on a theme. It looks slicker and has more white space, which always makes things easy on the eye.
  18. All green, awaiting 15th January evaluation, like many others. Fingers crossed for everyone!
  19. You have to send a request to cancel. If the buyer agrees, then it comes off. If they don’t respond in a certain amount of time (3 days, I think) then it also comes off. You may need to spread these out and cancel one at a time, so it doesn’t shoot your cancellation rate through the roof and cause you an issue.
  20. I think as a new seller, you have to develop a reputation for your work. I started rally low (around 10% of what I charge offline) when I first came to Fiverr. I have been able to increase this to a similar level after building my rep on this site.
  21. It can be a long way back from where you are, but it is not impossible. The advice given here already is great. You have to work hard at building your business on Fiverr.
  22. Report, report, report. Fiverr and the other sites must be told. They can’t do anything unless they are. Hope you get this resolved. It sounds quite scary.
  23. I doubt Fiverr allows this. They are quite strict on their ToS. What would be the point of the traffic unless they are buyers?
  24. Lol - costumers! I didn’t pick up on that at the first pass!
  25. For me, it’s all about customer satisfaction. The review shows they are happy. I don’t prompt or chase for reviews, because I figure if they want to review, they just will.
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