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Welcome to Fiverr 🙂

I will only say one thing

Just increase your skills / learn new things about your criteria by watching tutorials and other materials.If you don’t have any idea about Fiverr then you should definitely check out the Fiverr academy .

Wish you success mate 🙂

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Hello and welcome to Fiverr,

You journey to becoming a steady seller is difficult but achievable, you need patience and dedications. There are hundreds of guides and top 10 lists to bring you up to speed about most things, even though the vast majority are just repeating themself. I think the most important things to note:

  1. Provide a great service and quality of work which people seek
  2. Patience to build reputation; you need patience, took me near a month to get my first $5 gig.
  3. Updating and refining your profile and gigs: You do not have many tools at your hands to sell yourself, so you will want to see what works best for you, which is trial and error, but you end up finding yourself a niche.

Welcome to the community, everyone is really helpful here so feel free to post.

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