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When you stop thinking about what other people think about you - that’s freedom.

When you are always on the right path, and don’t give in to temptation - that’s freedom.

When your happiness does not depend on the feelings of other people - that’s freedom.

When you stop worrying about things or external factors you cannot control - that’s freedom.

When you fear no one, and are not in anyone’s debt - that’s freedom.

When you stop beating yourself up over mistakes made in the past - that’s freedom.

When you stop worrying about tomorrow and stay in the present - that’s freedom.

When you stop comparing yourself to others - that’s freedom.

When you are focused on doing your duty, and treat both success and failure with equanimity - that’s freedom.

When you have your health - that’s freedom.

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Hi Writer,
Today you have really motivated me.
I have to admit that I don’t know what some people think. I live in a rental house where many young persons have rent single rooms
There is this MARRIED girl that live on the opposite side of my room, everytime she knows that I am in the house, she turns music to the maximum volume. I had earlier thought that they are many in the house and they don’t want anyone to hear what they are saying. But Alas, I realized that she turns volume to the maximum whenever she sees me or knows I am in the house. I really don’t know the reason why.

Another thing. Every time she sees me or knows I am near, she picks her phone and talks about big monies. How people owe her big monies.
I really don’t know what she thinks. Whenever I am out of the house, she gazes at me. Everytime my relatives visit me, she comes out of her house just to gaze at my visitors. I don’t Know why.
For these reasons, I don’t feel comfortable greeting her or talking to her in any way. I JUST WISH THAT EVERYONE CAN MIND HER OR HIS OWN BUSINESS.

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If you can´t find a real reason, your best bet is that she´s somehow unhappy with herself and/or jealous of you. That might not help with your poor ears, but maybe helps you to see it calmer and with less anger. I won´t say rather pity her, because for the receiving end of an emotion, pity is even worse than anger.

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The health part, that´s the really tough one. On the one side, it always puts things into perspective for me, when things aren´t going the way I want them to, to think of people who are really bad off health-wise with no fault of their own, on the other side it makes me frown at the universe for not setting everyone up with the same robust health at least in the beginning.

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Yes, it is, even if there´s no Greek in the mix, at least as far as I´m aware of. Also I wish fiverr wouldn´t be so snobby about signing up with 4-letter words, it´s a big strain on my poor buyers’ eyes to have to count the 'i’s in my name, if they want to be polite and don´t dare to just put their money down on ‘Mila’. Your solution to that problem was probably the smarter one, but I didn´t want to put my surname, and didn´t want to get daily letters from fiverr addressing me with
"Liebe/r milaxy"
‘Liebe/r’ is bad enough, but at least ‘Dear miiila’ is quite fun, I can hear with my imaginary ears mothers of all kinds of tongues semi-lovingly screaming it out of the window to call their little Milas home from the playground.

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