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My order was cancelled by Fiverr. Why?


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I submitted an order to a graphic designer and I received an email stating that my order was cancelled with no explanation. The worst part is that now my $50 is refunded as a credit to my account on Fiverr instead of back to my credit card. The worst part is there appears to be no customer service phone number. This is my first time using this site and it smells like a scam. Is there phone number or has anyone else had this happen?

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This isn’t a scam. What happened was your seller was booted/banned from Fiverr by breaking the Terms of Service.

Refunds are returned to you by Fiverr Credit. This way you can buy gigs from others. Maybe try a Level 2 or a Top Rated Seller for graphic design; they’ll be more reliable than other sellers.

As for Customer Support, there is no phone number but there is a ticket system. You can submit a new ticket at this link: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I’m going to link you to another forum post that discusses refunds. I, and another forum user fonthaunt, have answered a related question very thoroughly. I suggest you read through it and then, if you feel it necessary, submit a SINGLE ticket to Customer Support. Remember to activate that ticket via your email. Generally replies are within 2 days but may take longer; submitting extra tickets actually slows down the process. Here is the link to that other forum post: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/returning-money-to-my-paypal-account/#post-759969

I hope you’d give Fiverr another chance. While your first order didn’t go so smoothly, I think you can still find some awesome sellers and gigs here. Some sellers are amazing bang for your buck and will surprise you. Shop around, do some research on each gig, and maybe try a few $5 gigs to test the waters.

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