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A message with the politeness, arise social awareness.(Tip for fiverr community)


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This is about a message that I received today

Am not place any order from you.
Am only talk to you like a friend because i have no girlfriend.
Am not assist you to became my friend because it’s your choice.

A social dilemma that hurts in professional platforms.Guys We are here for a purpose,we are here due to some reasons,we are here to build our professional profiles.This is not the place for dating.

Please avoid such mistakes during your professional career.Care for those who you have it’s much important than new relations.

Instead of helping someone you are making a trouble for beginners.
Try to think before doing such things.

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Please do not not keep posting repeatedly on the same/similar topic. While there is no excuse for inappropriate messages, you are using a stock photo that is frequently labeled “beautiful girl.” The use of stock photos is discouraged and using a professional logo or a cautiously chosen real image of you might lessen the risk of receiving this kind of thing.

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Fake profile, Fake profile Picture- moreover A***** K***** on FB and Ahsana on Fiverr
and a guy “A***** K*****” sitting behind the screen

Dilemma of south Asian Guys "you will get more order with a fake profile of female and location set to UK or USA through use of proxy"
its all over the internet

I request @fiverr to take action against these profiles
Because it is affecting fiverr’s credibility. Just imagine, a guy impressionating as girl with location set as USA claiming to be native (i appreciate this profile for using real location) and communicating in English like this post

This is ridiculous post. how anyone can even imagine to see this on a professional forum?

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One reason the post remains is as evidence on what is happening and it can be pointed out to buyers. The user has given their own username, so they’ve called themselves out as a deceptive person and buyers can see it without any rules being broken. A post like this gives everyone time to see if there is enough real reason to submit a ticket. Not every profile is worth reporting. If they aren’t sellers or they are saying they are 29 when they are really 35 that doesn’t matter.

On the forum, posting someone else’s real name is against the forum rules and will be removed. With Customer Support, you can tell them useful info that you can prove. Make a ticket, use spell check and translation tools to help you so CS can understand your point. They need to understand that you are explaining how the profile violates the Fiverr Terms of Service. Using copyrighted or stolen pictures, etc. for a profile or gig image often matters.

Fiverr does not prohibit people from using an “artist” pseudonym to represent to the public, or even claiming to be another gender if it doesn’t hurt anything.

What is harmful? Look for deceptive native languages or language fluency on gigs where that matters like proofreading or resume writing. If a user claims they can personally hold a sign in front of the Louvre when you have strong evidence that they currently reside in Alaska, that might matter. What if the person says they are a real lawyer in Mexico & sell legal documents that will get help a buyer cross a border? If they are showing a picture of a 15 year old girl and their username is sexydoctor - that might be enough for Fiverr to think they aren’t a Mexican lawyer and check it out.

If we want Fiverr to take down the worst of the fakes, you need to tell Fiverr what matters. Fiverr won’t care if someone is signing as John Smith on the forums if their real name is Amy on their identification, their PayPal, and their private inner Fiverr account. That might be a creative choice. You have to show Fiverr how an account is deceptive in such a way that means they cannot do the job offered or is harmful some other way.

When people post stuff like this, sometimes it’s just funny because it isn’t doing any harm. Tease them a little or ignore them. When they post something that harms other seller’s credibility, Fiverr’s credibility, or means that they cannot deliver - that should be checked. With the OP, you decide if it’s worth reporting, but it stays here at least for now because it’s self-outing. If the child now being used in the profile picture is a stolen photo, that’s even worse than the one that was there since it’s a kid. Everyone in the community is always invited to look at these profiles and report them to Customer Support.

Off my Soap Box - but let’s work together.

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