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Paying More doesn't mean Getting More


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You may see some sellers with packages that start at $10+, or charge $20+ for one day delivery.

If you’re assuming you’ll be getting more than the guy selling for $5, you are mistaken. There are many reasons why some sellers charge more.

  1. They have a great reputation

  2. They want less orders for more money than more orders for less

  3. They want to keep the cheapskates away (sadly, it doesn’t always work)

When you order a SUBJECTIVE gig like a logo, a Facebook ad, an article, you should understand what you’re ordering and not get angry when the “quality” doesn’t meet your standards.

It’s extremely UNFAIR to make a buyer hurry up, deliver in one day, only to have him refund a $35 order.

You have stolen time! You’re a time thief!

We did not put a gun against your head and forced you to buy anything. We did not offer unlimited revisions.

So do the sellers a favor. Don’t spend more than $10 when you don’t know the seller. Hire someone else.

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You hit the nail on the head, fastcopywriter.

I never spend more than $6 to $11 on a new seller. I’ve had some really bad deliveries and a few so-so. In those cases, I just accept the product - never download it, as I won’t be using it and move on.

I do NOT ask for the money back. Like you said, they already did the work and I am the one who chose them. I consider it cost of doing business and it’s still a tax deduction for me.

When I have an expensive project, I like to “play the field” and hire several sellers to do the same work. When I do find the one or two I like, I send them several small projects to make sure before going after the big one. It works both ways, I feel more comfortable about them knowing their work ethics and they feel better about me that I am not a scammer out to get free work.

Any buyer spends hundreds on a new or unknown seller than complains or demands money back because they said it’s poor quality - well, that’s their own fault.

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You bring up an interesting point regarding sellers that push buyers to buy. In recent months I’ve had a lot of comments from buyers being bullied by sellers and they claim to charge a much higher fee because, as you stated, their reputation.

I laugh at this because those sellers reputation is only on fiverr and not in the real working world. Buyers are not stupid, they know the difference in quality and professionalism.

We rarely charge any extra fee for fast delivery unless it is the same day. Otherwise, you will loose an order for charging extra. This is why we implemented our own policy to deliver within 5 days or less, of course, in our situation being in the video and animation business.

But, you do bring up valid points that are important for buyers to know about and I’m glad you did. Cheers to you!

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“I laugh at this because those sellers reputation is only on fiverr and not in the real working world.”

Your own gig proves otherwise. You’re a “pro video Spokesperson,” that’s not something you can fake. You either look and sound great on camera, or you don’t. I’m different, I don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, I can’t even do a video review, the sound of my own voice makes me cringe. So that’s why I’m not offering what you’re offering. I believe that we should work within our strengths and avoid our weaknesses.

Besides, the real working world is overrated. People have been known to lie in their resumes, claim to know people they don’t know, hide things from their past, etc. On Fiverr, if you’re going crap the buyers will give you crappy reviews. Nice buyers who give you 5-stars even when they don’t like your work are rare.

"We rarely charge any extra fee for fast delivery unless it is the same day. Otherwise, you will loose an order for charging extra. "

That’s your choice. Personally, I try to make the most money with the least amount of work. If delivering in 24-hours means making $10 to $20 more, I will do it. For you it might be worth $50 to $100 more since animation is more complicated. I noticed you deliver in 5 days or less. See? I do it in 3 days or less. The only exception is my flyer gig, that’s a 5-day gig.

However, it’s not a competition. Being the fastest deliverer doesn’t mean you’ll get sales. Many people are in a hurry, others can wait. I deliver at a speed I’m comfortable with. My goal is to get that money ASAP, so I know the sooner I deliver, the sooner it clears.

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Laugh all you want, but form a buyers perspective they don’t want to waste their time and money.

We are in broadcast media. For 28 years we have serviced major corporations around the world, not just fiverr.

So, what you are saying is that you don’t need experience to do something. Now that’s laughable. People who are serious about business and what they are providing should be able to prove their experience. If not, go to the next. Nowadays, employers can easily find out about anyone through various means.

Buyers expect professionalism and that’s what everyone should strive for.

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Interesting points here.

I don’t charge extra for delivery in one day and I also don’t offer it. If it’s done within one day the buyer is lucky. I always tend to plan the delivery time longer than it actually is in order to prevent disappointment due to unforeseen incidents, like getting hit by a truck.

I maintain higher prices for different reasons. Mainly because I don’t want them to interfere with the orders that I get from my privat clients, who always have priority #1, as they are the ones who make it possible for me to make a living. They don’t even know that I’m here on Fiverr.

Another reason for higher pricing is indeed to keep the cheapskates away. It doesn’t always works, as you already mentioned, but I got a lot less of them. Here and there someone will send me a PM if I will do a ‘test’ for free. This are the times when I unleash my paused $5,- test gig for them to order. This gig is b.t.w. relative more expensive than the packages in order to prevent this wise guys from ordering a higher amount, so they get in the end a El-Cheapo-variant of a package. Sometimes it’s really funny with what tricks those people try to come up with.

The most important reason is actually the quality and the fact that I don’t want to work for pennies an hour. This two go hand in hand, because if I would have to work faster, it would mean that I have to skip the research part that comes with some of the work that I do. In the worst case it would also mean that I would have to use software that delivers crap and brings the quality down to zero.

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Bah, the world is full of experienced people who can’t get jobs, who play music on train stations, and then you have Justin Biever who was discovered on YouTube and now is a billionaire.

Besides, how do you think people get experience? By doing something they can do. I’m willing to best most of the people doing voice overs, videos, holding signs, had no experience doing that, but they learned on the job.

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Before there where packages I charged $50,- extra for ‘extra fast delivery’ but didn’t do this ever since. It’s probably a good idea to add this extra.
As long as it doesn’t interfere with my private clients. For one of them I drop literally everything (closing all documents I’m working on) at once if I got the notification on my phone that they mailed me and I immediately work on their order. Even if the order I currently working on pays double.

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That’s interesting, but why treat your private clients better than your Fiverr clients?

To me it’s all about the money. Sometimes I do big orders first just to get them out of the way. Of course, if I’m not in the mood to do X, I’ll do Z. Sometimes it’s fun to do five small orders and then one big order. Usually I like them to be in the same category so I don’t have to keep switching folders.

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The orders I get via Fiverr are maybe 5% of the total volume. Probably less. It’s only pocket money for on my Payoneer card and groceries.

Therefore my private clients have priority #1. You probably noticed that I restricted the amount of work that I accept per order here on Fiverr.

It’s not just about the money. They are much nicer than most of the buyers I meet here.

Also they never try to discuss about money, what is something that I don’t do anyway. My approach is always ‘take it or leave it’. They send me the material, I tell the price and how long it takes, they pay, I work, deliver and we are done. Next in line please.
This is how it works.
My biggest client sends me orders every day and we have a great communication and work together for a very long time now.
Recently I had a month where the orders were too small, so I decided to raise portions of their prices (I have more detailed packages especially for them because they have additional requirements) in order to compensate the lower income.
They didn’t even mentioned it and still send me tips here and there.

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Well, that’s understandable. Is PayPayl not available in your country? Payoneer is too expensive in my opinion.

Honestly, I don’t know how you get private clients. 99.9% of the business I’ve gotten is from Fiverr. Before Fiverr, I was just another working Joe doing his 9 to 6+ at an advertising agency, last time as a Senior Copywriter. Sounds impressive, but it really wasn’t. I didn’t have a junior to command, and when they finally hired a junior, it was my boss who was commanding him instead of me.

I prefer Fiverr. The offline world is just too complicated.

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I have Paypal and Payoneer. My private clients pay me on Paypal directly before I start working.

The thing with the private clients started by attending some on the fact that they could hire me via Fiverr. But they wouldn’t bother to create an account and hired me directly. The rest is word-of-mouth-stuff. I never promote on SM. It just happened. From one thing came another.

I started on Fiverr a couple of years ago and stopt after a few gigs. Back then I did gigs in the graphic sector and it wasn’t profitable because there went to much time into it for too little money.

When I started with the preparations for my indie film I needed some sound equipment and decided not to go for crowd funding. I thought it probably would be a good idea just to try something on Fiverr what people are actually looking for and what I can do anyway. So I started some gigs and didn’t expect much of it, but in some way it came different. In the first month I made $64,- and in the meantime I have a monthly 4 figure income. It’s better than a day-job where I have to travel to work, work from 9 to 5 and travel back home. As soon as I fall out of my bed I can start working and it pays much better than any job I could get here in the area I live in.

I hate working for an employer. It suffocates me.

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Word-of-mouth never worked for me. People in advertising are very protective of their turf, when they need a job, everyone calls you, everyone is your friend. When you need a job, it’s like you’ve been blacklisted.

I’m glad Fiverr is your backup, for me it’s my main source of income. I’m actually happy today because I made $100 out of 7 orders, only two were $5 orders. I’ve raised my prices on two gigs, and I’m happy with the results.

It’s buyer psychology, the buyer who can spend $10, can spend $20. But the buyer who spends $5, won’t spend more than $10. However, if he’s already spending $10, $15, etc, and sees that this gig extra is just $5 and another gig extra is just $10, that might work for him. However, he’s not going to go from $10 to $60. That jump is too far.

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Word-of-mouth is something that just happened and where you don’t have a direct influence. There are also people who find my gig but don’t have an account and don’t want to create one. They find me elsewhere and contact me via other channels.

I just finished an order here and the buyer tipped me with the same amount as the order was worth. Thus, for some even my higher prices are not a barrier at all.

I thing it is important that you feel yourself comfortable with your prices. You have a high volume of positive feedback and did a lot of orders. You could raise the prices for some gigs and look how it works out. You can always go back. In fact I’m a firm believer that especially in your case it would be a great thing to do. But I don’t want to explain it in details here in the open.

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@fastcopywriter It’s a catch 22. If you don’t have experience you get nothing. If you only have experience on fiverr you may also get nothing.

If you can’t get a job, create it just like I did many years ago. The only difference back then is that people trusted each other. Today, nobody trusts anyone, created by the leaders of the world.

I’ve always said, you need multiple sources of income not just fiverr.

Anything is possible, but attitude and believing in oneself is vital. Complaining simply breaks your thought pattern. You need to think positive through the day and believe and take action upon that belief.

I’ve been involved in the entertainment industry over the years. Everything is arranged. No one is “discovered”. It’s all pretend and it’s all about making money.

Blame the leaders of the world for destroying it for their own benefit. It’s only going to worse before it gets better.

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