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  1. Good info to know and I also mentioned this in a thread more than 3 years ago here: Also note that those spokespersons who pretend to be someone else and use another name could also land themselves in a lot of do do. Why? Because they knowingly use a different identity to fool the public. Also not go for your online reputation. A disclosure in the video is best to avoid future problems.
  2. Yes, that guy is still active, he’s a Top Rated Seller and he does audio recordings. Can you imagine 19 days? I should have offered him a course on communication!
  3. If I’m not mistaken, the head of Risk Management for Fiverr is a woman, not a man. There’s a lot of bad things going on even though there is “Risk Management”.
  4. As a buyer and a seller for more than five years, it’s safer to send a message before purchasing and ask a question or two. This will show the response time and if your question was answered to your satisfaction. I still remember one seller that I sent a message to. It took him 19 days to respond!!
  5. A zip or rar file would be better if it is small. If over 30 mb unfortunately he’ll have to use dropbox. Customers like that, if frustrated will probably shop elsewhere because of the limitations. Again, we brought up this issue a year ago and nothing was done regarding upload storage.
  6. I’ve stated numerous times in other postings, you need to have multiple streams of income, not just fiverr. Having 6, 7, 10 or more different streams (other sites, other business) will place your goal in reach. There are an amazing amount of resources out there, research, educate yourself and go for it. Remember, nothing lasts forever including websites. Just look at Twitter which is almost in bankruptcy.
  7. Hi Emma, Send a message to Customer Support and let them know how you feel as they are the one’s who authorize the posts. I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it.
  8. @jonbaas Innovation is change, development to make something better than it already is. It’s extremely difficult to do that with an over saturated fiverr system without reinventing itself for the better. Change with the times or get left behind. In our video and broadcast business, we’ve seen incredible changes in the past 28 years in business. It really has been amazing.
  9. @jonbaas Change is inevitable, without it you are left behind. I’m confident fiverr management already knows this and are working to develop new strategies.
  10. Fiverr got a bad reputation because of fraudsters trying to take advantage of this system. In the end, those fraudsters get away which is unfortunate. The other problem is that many sellers don’t have any clue about business or communication which also creates another problem for buyers. An unhappy buyer is not going to buy again and will tell many other people about their negative buying experience. This adds to the reputation problem. Hopefully, fiverr will re-create itself in future. There are tremendous opportunities awaiting online shopping. Innovation is the key!
  11. Every business has it’s ups and downs as well as over expectation at low value.
  12. @mgjohn78 Please go the main website of Easy Sketch to see the demo or better yet go to youtube and enter search: Easy Sketch Pro 3 Version 3. Then you can see the newer functions and hopefully it will fulfill your needs.
  13. This has been mentioned by myself and others over the past few years. There is a lot of fake gigs on this platform, buyer beware. The bottom line is, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s you know it’s fake. Honestly, i can’t get over how buyers line up for seo gigs thinking they will make a pile of $$ when in reality the result is nothing. Don’t waste your $$ on these gigs. So, where do you find real services to increase your business? The best way is to learn to do it yourself, then you know the result is real. There’s a lot of videos on youtube that can show you how to do it yourself. But, like any other website, find out if the video is reputable or not. Nobody, and I mean nobody will tell you all the secrets. You need to learn to do it yourself.
  14. Because it passes copyscape, it doesn’t mean it will pass other plagiarism systems. There are at least 6 important systems. You need to make sure it passes all of them by at least 80% on average for all systems. Don’t get bogged down by only using copyscape.
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