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How to add Video to my Gigs?


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Hello members,

Please help me to upload/add videos to my gig. I click on my gigs then add video but instead of the system to tell me to choose the video to be added from my computer, it just took me to a tutorial page on fiverr. I didn’t found any Browse button where I can click and upload my videos.

Hope to hear Back from you.

Thanks in Advance

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Guest afairygodmother

This is a great question and I have the same one so it would be nice if we could get a response. All the answers I can find seem to be based on a past version of Fiverr so they don’t apply anymore. The suggestions I found say to edit the gig by clicking a green button, but no button I can find will allow me to edit. It also says you can go to sales and there are options, but in my case there are not.

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