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How to boost sales on fiverr with own promotion


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It is being really harder to harder to get more sales since the fiverr.com popularity is getting higher and higher. we are really happy for the fiverrs popularity. But it is also making the competition level strong and competition makes us more serious to our job.

Hi my I am new on fiverr, **********************.

well I was talking about BOOSTING sales on fiverr.
Already some of our senior seller have discussed about the buyer request and caring the buyers. I will share you very very spacial technique so that you guys can have more visibility, gig view as well as sales.

Suppose you have a  shop and it is situated in the lane of your locality. It has some customers but comparatively your product deserves more sales. Now the question is "why". I am being little straight. Answer is simple your shop visibility is less or low in number. I mean very low amount of visitor is visiting your shop.  Findings   #  Low visitor in number (Low prospects, low number of possible customer).  # May be your communication skill is not good enough to deliver the customers need. 

So, you need to boost your visibility then develop the communication skill then automatically sales will boost.

To boost the visibility you can have the following strategies:

  1. Facebook: You can have a Facebook Fanpages similar to your fiverr profile. Post all the gigs of your fiverr account and make sure that you mentioned “you deliver exclusively on fiverr”. So that buyer will have a nice belief that you are honest and also you are conscious about your business reputation. Later you can promote your facebook fanpage to your Fans as well as to your possible customers. This is one way to boost your visibility on fiverr.

  2. Forum: Be involved with related Forums and interact with others and give some effective tips. Suggest them help theme and also gain belief and leave your footprint so that they can reach you on fverr. Fiverr is a Name of great place for future online solutions.

  3. Blog: Have your own blog site very close to your fiverr profile. Do tha same thing like forum posting. Write some common solution of your niche. Write minimum of 30 post and at the end of the post leave a CTA button to reach your fiverr profile. Be professional in marketing and also you need to work on promoting your own business. A GREAT TIP will be shared at the end.

  4. Youtube: Open a youtube channel then post minimum 100 videos related to your jobs or gigs. Do some exclusive jobs in front of the possible customers eyes. Show your gig detail and also leave your fiverr links in the description.

  5. Pinterest: Similar to the Facebook Fan Page. simply create your audience or followers then linked it to fiverr gig links.

  6. Twitter: As similar as Facebook and Pinterest.

May be you are thinking why I am not building my own online business with own website. Answer is"If you want to do it then you will lose everything". Question is why. Fiverr is a place of expert level management so they have the best social media markter, best e-amil marketer, best ppc expert, best pbn etc…etc… May be you are expert on a single or two or three specific field but not on all. As fiverr is giving you all the support so why should you do this for. Fiverr do the following job for you and me:

 # E-mail marketing  # Social media Marketing # It gives your online payment solution. # It gives you a very strong CREDIBILITY to your buyer. # It helps you by promoting your services directly to your recent gig viewers.  # It gives you and your buyers very strong customer service.  # It inspire you by sending the recent success stories so that you also can be successful.

An there are more and more assistance fiverr is doing for you and me.

NUMBER 7. and the one: Track your left links with any url shortner (google, or bitly) so that you can have an idea which promoting media is working more effectively and which one needs to improve. Remember please do not waste your time on just promoting your business out side of fiverr but have a very very strong caring of your fiverr profile. Do study the guidelines and respectfully follow theme.

These tips will not only boost your visibility to fiverr buyers but also will boost the visibility to GOOGLE as well. So think about it. It is a completely secure marketing strategy which can give you unlimited business.

Disclaimer: This tips is completely made of based on my personal DIGITAL media marketing experience. It works for me but it is not guaranteed that it will work as same as it works for me.

*[read forum rules - no form of self promotion is allowed in this category]

Admin Note: Comments asking for personal tips, advertising, or posted without useful feedback (i.e. Good tips!) may be removed.

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Thank you for your article!

I don’t have all my business through Fiverr. I’ve been in business in my region for 12 years – I have local clients, who knew me and have been using me for much longer than I’ve been on Fiverr – most of whom probably would not work with me exclusively through Fiverr.

Also, for clients I already have business with and I’m making 100% (and I get 50%+ up-front so I don’t worry about escrow), it would be silly to give away 20% for a customer I already have established trust and a working paying relationship with.

However, you’re right about new business, and business that is out of my area. When there’s no trust/reputation between me and the customer, that’s different. The escrow relationship protects us both. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to tell a local customer who didn’t want to trust me to put their trust into the Fiverr system for escrow. I figure every customer on the Fiverr marketplace enhances my reputation here, which leads to more sales later. Losing the 20% then is OK, it increases my value to buyers on Fiverr.

Another thing that’s a little odd: Fiverr doesn’t have a consistent reputation here in the United States. There’s problems no matter where you go, and some people have been ripped off by Fiverr Sellers. It can be difficult to turn to an established local customer and say “You have to deal with me through Fiverr from now on.”

I had a problem with PayPal payments when I started 12 years ago. People didn’t always want to trust PayPal. Then I took a bank check. Now almost all my local customers are paying via PayPal.

Maybe one day I’ll have all my local customers work with me through Fiverr. Not yet, though 🙂

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I have found that just maintaining one Facebook account, for personal use, can be a lot of work. I always feel I’m posting the wrong things to the wrong people. I am interested in using the advertising they offer but I have no idea what it actually does.

The over-stimulation of the IM experience makes me want to curl up under a rock.

I’m doing “okay” with some repeat customers, but doing articles (without spinning) can be tough work and sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it.

I agree though. Make every account you can, and at least post it every so often. Even if your accounts are bare, you’ll never get a bite if you don’t at least put the hook in the water.


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