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  1. I was trying to publish a gig on 11 August but it's not published one day later. Then I was in contact with customer support. They said my gig title violated their terms and that's why they asked me to edit the gig title and my gig and my gig move to "Requires Modification" from "Active". My gig title was " I will do collect LinkedIn leads to connect you with your audience" Then I changed the title of my gig to give this title “ I will collect LinkedIn leads to connect you with your targeted people “. Now they again say it violates their terms. Now I don't understand what is wrong. Please someone help me to understand my wrong and how to to solve my problem.
  2. I do gig marketing daily to improve my gig rank. But I do not get any benefit. So I was disappointed and decided to delete the account. Now you say deleting the account would not be good for me. Then please give some suggestions for improving my account
  3. Unfortunately, my 1st 3 orders canceled. so my account condition is very bad. I get 800+ impressions and 15+ clicks per week on my jig but only 90 impressions and 0 clicks this week due to order cancellation. In this case, it would be better to delete the current account and open a new account? Or my current account will be fixed again after a certain period of time. Experienced please cooperate with the right advice.
  4. I received two orders on the last 20th, I completed his order and received payment with 5 star review with delivery, but my order was canceled from Fiverr Support. Gig has been down since then. Now how do I rank again? I am seeking cooperation from experienced sellers. Thanks in advance.
  5. I asked fiverr support why cancel my order? Fiverr answered me “I see that there was a chargeback filed for the payment of this order outside of Fiverr. The funds are now being held by the payment vendor, and are not in our hands which is why we will not be able to compensate you.”
  6. I completed my 1st order with five star review but three day ago my order canceled by fiverr support. Now my gigs are down unexpectedly. Please take a look at the condition of my gig in the picture and give me some tips for improve my gig rank. Graph1314×951 80.3 KB
  7. @shubashis_pal32 If my gig position is good so why I edit my gig? What is the benefit of edit? Please explain to me.
  8. @tarikkonock thank you so much for your inspiration comments
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