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  1. Do heard work> ok I will do “heard” work… 😃
  2. do you want to order a new gig from the same seller or do you want to pay for the revision? if you want to buy a new gig from the seller, just headover to main gig page and order it. if you want to pay for the revision, then ask the seller to send you gig extras from the order page and you’ll be able to accept and pay.
  3. that I get a lot, almost everyday. actually the category of work I do has 3 sub categories which need to be done first. script, storyboard, voiceover then comes animation. Now I get a lot of people who use me to build those things first then, go offline or get the animation done from someone who offers much cheaper price. They just use the advantages of fiverr cancellation policy 🙂
  4. no he is not a competitor, I never accept work from any competitor not even from any fiverr sellers. yes I check profile first to make sure he is not a seller on fiverr. coz sometime there are few new sellers who for the sake of checking and knowledge about how the systems works place orders… just to stay away from any kind of problem that might occur I never accept offer from sellers and if placed without contacting I cancel with excuse.
  5. yes watermarking is necessary. And the fiverr default system to watermark video is just useless. when buyer play the video from order page, fiverr puts a watermark on video playback. But right beside the playback there is an option to download the video without accepting the order. If you do that, there will be no watermark on the video. I mean what are you guys up to fiverr?
  6. absolutely. some of them are even worse than this. I have encountered buyers who thinks animation is just copy pasting, so recently I had to work for a buyer who though purchased 3 revision but not it’s been more than 5 and still the order is under process… according to him syncing voiceover with video is nothing but just laying the voiceover file on video… and the worst part is he is not ready to accept cancellation… I guess they too knows that fiverr is for them and always will.
  7. yes, but that would be too late. lots of profile will get damaged by then.
  8. I did. they didn’t. not even bother to ask me for more explanation. directly marked the query as resolved and case closed.
  9. yep, I work on other platform too. They all have 50-50 favors for buyers and sellers. Fiverr is the only platform where buyer gets the complete favor, from leaving feedback to filling a dispute with paypal even after years of work completion. in other platform you get happy when you get large order say more than $1000 but in fiverr you think twice, thrice before accepting such large job. As the buyer have 100% freedom to call up the money anytime after completion of work… this is bad, so bad. 😦
  10. true that, from now on I am not accepting orders from “SWEET BUYERS” be it $5 or $500. And even if I accept, I am gonna watermark each and everything until they accept the work
  11. Yes, although we sellers like to get buyers that have friendly attitude as it makes easy conversation but in some case you wouldn’t like to deal with some of them. Read my story… 10 days ago, I got custom order request from a new buyer on fiverr. He was too much friendly (mentioning bro, brother all the time). He wanted to do a simple animation of few slide which is not what my gig offers but because it was simple I took that job. After delivering him the final output, he immediately asked for a revision(he didn’t even see the video, coz the video was of 1min length and he clicked request revision in less than 10sec) and said give me an hour and I will get back to you with changes. He came back after half a day almost and gave me a complete new animation, yes all the points that was mentioned while he order the gig for first time changed to something else. He had placed order for 1min video, and the changes he asked was 6min of work. I asked him to cancel, but he lurked me with GOOD RATINGS. that was the worst decision I ever made. I accepted his changes as he was quite friendly and also promised me a good rating. Now I submitted again the new video, got reject. Again n again. With some silly mistakes he is pointing like the arrow color is bit dark can it be 1 shade lighter? He was just trying to piss me off and cancel the order now as he got both the version of the video in hand. I stayed cool. I gave him all the changes he asked. Then after 3 revisions. He asked me change the animation of a project file that he sent me (done from someone else on fiverr) and previously said just to put it in final render. This is not something I agreed to do. I said I can’t do this anymore, take refund. He said no, need of refund. Please forward me the project file of the video you did for me and I will leave a good feedback for your good work. I submitted the project files, video, everything. He gone offline for 3 days now he came back when the order was automatically completed and left a 1.7 star rating for no reason… This is my first negative review on fiverr, and it is completely my fault. I shouldn’t have delivered him all the files openly like this. I tried reaching customer support, no help. So guys, please make sure you take necessary steps before delivering this type of public the final output. And if someone says from the beginning I will give you good feedback do this job for less price, or please do this change don’t worry about rating it’s going to be good as you work hard - don’t accept work from them. For just few dollars you’ll damage your profile. Good luck
  12. Contact customer support, they will help you out if they find your points valid.
  13. I don’t think any seller will like to do that. what if the buyer takes the work for $5 and don’t pay the tip of $95? after all it’s a tip, and the buyer have the right to decide whether to tip or not… 😃 seller will be doomed…
  14. I often get voice over and other service offers from new & level 2 sellers as well. Nowdays it’s frequent, getting about 1-2 offers daily they are clicking though my gigs and sending me message, asking me to try their service for free and set their gig as favorite. I really don’t like to do, but because of fiverr’s new “RESPONSE RATE” system I had to reply them. my concern is, because their clicking through my gig, this will be taken as a buyer requesting my service, isn’t it? so it will effects my conversion rate ? What do you guys do with such offers?
  15. he won’t pay any extra I know that very well… and if I force him to pay more he will either ask me to cancel order or simply put a bad review on delivery… the only positive option that I had left with was to cancel the order, but with the new fiverr update, mutual cancellation effect gig ranking… WOW.
  16. same with me… 😦 buyer ordered animation video from me about 3days ago… I prepared the script, sent it for voice-over instantly… got the voiceover, started working, about 30% animation was done… buyer came back today and asked me to put some more information on script that he forgot to add. (awesome…) now I will have to re-spent $10 more on voice, plus I have only 4days left for the work out of which voice artist will take 2days atleast… mutual cancellation? - there’s a problem with that too…“to many cancellation will effect your gig ranking” -awesome again…
  17. ya that’s true actually… I tried CS, and they fixed within 5min.
  18. There is not a single message that I didn’t replied from the day I joined fiverr, all my message get reply within 1hour at max. Also not a single order I delivered late, Then why my response rate and delivered on time gone bellow 100… This is really disappointing… I am trying to maintain a good response and of no reason they are going down.
  19. there are lots of such gigs already on fiverr, so you’ll have to give the buyer a reason to buy the service from you (new seller) and not from level1 or 2. You’ll have to provide more service than what other sellers are providing at that price point. I did the same, once you have 4-5 review with 5stars rating. then you can slightly go up with price. This is what most of the new sellers (if not all) are doing to start their business with fiverr. Good luck man.
  20. opps!.. seems like they are watching our convo… upgraded to level 1, 🙂
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