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Make ANYONE a Repeat Buyer With This Simple TRICK!


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Hello everyone…

I’m Umar Farooq (Yomanew on Fiverr)

Today, I’m going to share my experience of how i converted a buyer on her first order into a Repeat Buyer! 🙂

Yeah, you read it right. Just when i got my first sale from Buyers Request, I pitched the buyer and she was already thinking of re-ordering my services again in the near future.

I knew it, that she was going to order from me again, but i just wanted to make it SURE! #IYKWIM. 😉


Well, the “trick” is, always when you deliver an order and the buyer is HAPPY with it, and they’ve given you 5 Star Rating as well, just right after a couple of hours, pitch them with such words… (via Message My Buyers Option)

I sent this message:

"Just wanted to request, if you get ANY projects like that in the future, don’t forget considering my service. 🙂

Good day!"

Well, that’s it. That’s what i sent her and her reply was like this:

“I def will, as i am SURE that i will be needing more of these in the future. Thanks so much! :)”

So that is it guys. This is how you can make ANYONE your Repeat Buyer. This is going to work, no matter what!

You just have to be FRIENDLY! 🙂

Check out her review on my service… (attached)

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Yes that is useful trick and it works for me every-time…i do send this at there inbox and their replies are always positive for me…But do not be possessive …remember do not send the same message to there inbox again and again daily as this may annoy your buyer and your possessive attitude may result your first order to your last order…

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Guest prasath_94

Exactly! I am following this strategy long time and when client visit fiverr next time, they directly contact via their recent messages.

Another tip is, always ask them to favorite the gig sales page as well as bookmark the gig page in their browser. So that they can contact us very quickly without searching for other people.

Thanks for sharing your experiment Umar 🙂

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Absolutely! Sending this message to them in INBOX is your job. Forget about getting reply or sending it again! Because reply will come, could take some time though. And if they’re interested, the reply will be positive for sure and positive reply also depends on what was their experience with you in the last/recent order.

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