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  1. Now i have empty description…better to change it now…currency changed to euro… one thing i have learn from that was 5$ = 4.51 euro 🙂
  2. its changing again and again…now i have another description
  3. just now i saw it…my profile description changed.my language also changed…it think it s a another seller description…is there any one with same issue??? help me
  4. Great tips…maybe i have read this post many times…but every time i was reading those tips always had a great hopes and feeling about yes i can do…weldone…thanks for sharing.
  5. i think you brought a level 2 account from a seller…any way welcome…first of all you need to set your gig online for work…still your gigs are offline.
  6. As you mentioned in step number 3, Are you upload your original works to your gigs?? 🙂
  7. @ilyosinnc thank you my friend. wish you happy business
  8. its not really affects top top rated seller like you…review are very useful for level 1,2 sellers…also to new buyer for good selection…thats why i I suggested that.
  9. hello to all buyers…im requesting all buyers to give a review after your order completed because its very helpful for other buyers to select a gig easily and with the other hand very helpful for good sellers to grow up. no matter is your review positive or negative.thanks.
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