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  1. I had dropped from 100% ratings before, largely due to wrong orders. They just kept coming. It disturbed me to the extent I was thinking it could be a sabotage by another seller somewhere even though I knew it was not true. That’s how I felt at the time. Wrong orders are the most painful. And it could have been avoided if the buyer had asked questions…
  2. You have just made an amazing summary of this thread. TBH, I do not know why the system is like that.
  3. So sorry about your experiences on fiverr. There are real professionals on here though.
  4. I honestly do think more can be done by fiverr in the aspect of completion rate or order cancellation rate. Sometimes, it is totally beyond the control of the seller. Yet, S/he suffers it when order gets cancelled for no fault of hers. Something can be done…should be done.
  5. I agree with you. But here is the issue. Some gig descriptions are super clear as to what the seller is offering. Yet, you see some buyers place order, then ask you to add something you didnt mention in your order. When you remind them that will cost extra because it is not in the description of what you offer for that package, they come up with …“sorry, i have to cancel because the work is incomplete without it” Meanwhile, if the said buyer had contacted the buyer to discuss what s/he wanted, that could have been averted so quickly.
  6. It is about the best thing a buyer can do for him/herself when ordering here on fiverr. What most don’t know is that, there are people here claiming to be sellers who are actually not. how else will a genuine seller know this people - it is by chatting them up. find out if they know what you are talking about.
  7. Thing is, the charges on here are ridiculously cheap. If that’s been taken care of, is it too much for a buyer to put just a sentence forward, double-checking ? Talking about response time, I guess that’s why there are many sellers around. It’s better to wait and get thing inorder than to be hasty and miss deadline. My thoughts though. Thanks for your contribution.
  8. If I were a buyer, for instance, I would wanna be certain the guy handling my project truly knows his onions. I would wanna be sure he didn’t just “copy and paste” his gig description. I would wanna be sure he will not cost me my time. Even if I am spending 6 dollars, every cent counts.
  9. i would have loved to suggest that not all cancellations should count against the seller. Here is why… At the resolution center, you are asked the reason for cancellation. (I really do not know whether buyers are asked same questions) But if buyers are asked the same questions, and both answer are - “buyer orders services not on offee” , that kind of cancellation should not against the seller.
  10. Maybe those images need a disclaimer or a subtitle with the words THIS IS A TEMPLATE. Not to mention similar wording is in the gig description. Either way, we all get stupid orders. I have a gig video where a gun is being fired and the bullet flies, I’ve gotten one order for that video even though it’s not what I’m selling. What I do is refund, if Fiverr was fair, they wouldn’t punish us for refunds. Oh well, refund…you meant the order was “cancelled” and it counted against you? That’s being the point all day… If we can avoid cancellation, then do that. If the buyer had messaged you first before placing that order, that could have been averted. Thanks anyways for your contribution.
  11. It quite crazy how they still get sellers applying for the jobs. What I do think is that, majority of those ridiculous quotes are put up by resellers. That’s why one sees those embarrassing amounts.
  12. No, I have 5-years of experience working on Fiverr, not a mindset. I also know Fiverr is not going to change the system to force buyers to contact you before they order. You can put the following in big bold letters in your gig description PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING. There’s no guarantee that they will. Wrong, bad reviews should be avoided if possible. If a cancellation prevents a bad review, go for it. Achieving 90% completion rate is a lot easier than a 4.8 rating. Buyers expect what they see in your portfolio samples. They don’t expect what they see elsewhere. Maybe you have to rewrite your gig description, tell buyers what you can’t do. Again, wrong all the way. Still the mindset thingy. But its ok. I respect your views.😀
  13. You can’t live your life in fear of cancellations. If you need to cancel an order, cancel the order. I believe cancellation should be avoided if possible. Every one, buyers and sellers alike, are on here for a purpose. You dont pull down a building because of a hole on the wall… Except if YOU can…😀
  14. Apparently you have a mindset. If it’s working for you, congratulations. What works for you might not work for thousands of others on here. Conclusively, I can piece apart every argument you have raised, but then, what’s the fun in that…lol. Best of luck my friend.
  15. Hi Jenihiggs, Your thoughts are quite interesting And i respect them completely.😀
  16. Hi Sarwar7bd, unfortunately most buyers don’t know that cancellation affects the business of the seller. Maybe it will help if seller’s write boldly in the gig description - MESSAGE ME BEFORE PLACINF AN ORDER. Just thinking…lol
  17. Well said, Janali. Resellers are in business to make profit too. Hence, not having much to offer. Thanks for your insight.
  18. Thanks for Janali for sharing a comment. Moreso, in your case, i am not sure whether you are a seller or buyer. But generally, i think you can do a few things to help you manage your orders. Take on what you can handle. A sleep-deprived mind could find it hard to deliver premium quality works. You can limit your orders. This will allow you satisfy every one. Your repeat buyers know what you can do. The moment they sense a drop in output, they will know. Negotiate time extension. You can appeal to your buyers o give you more time. It is really not difficult. I have done it before. Trust me…it works. Extend your gig delivery time. Outsourcing. You can outsource your orders if you find yourself drowning. Your ratings should be of utmost importance to you… cancellation is not an option. Late deli very is bad for business. I am guessing you know these already…lol
  19. Hi there, I felt it is necessary for us to discuss this. I will be delving into why all buyers must, as a matter of due diligence, contact the seller they wish to patronise. As a buyer, please ensure you read the gig description thoroughly before you place an order. Make sure you understand EVERY WORD in the description inorder to avoid dispute. Every word counts. Every sentence must be understood. No room for ambiguity. If you feel you have read the description and understood it, it’s time to place an order, i guess? But, hey, hold on for a sec. Why don’t you just contact the seller and tell him what it is you are looking forward to. The reasons why you must send a message to the seller are many, some of whiçh are: To have all parties on the same pageTo avoid needless dispute resolutionTo avoid delayTo assess seller’s competenceTo assess seller’s commitmentTo avoid hurting the seller’s reputation, even if you don’t want to. Cancellation hurts sellers more than buyers.To enhance productivity of both partiesImprove your health condition. A good job makes you happy, which inturn results into healthy state of mind.Go on now, do what you have to. Thanks for reading.
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