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Made Level 2 Yay! Had my main gig Denied Boo! WARNING INSIDE!


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So made level 2. Yay for me right.

This is a warning to all sellers. I have no idea who did this but I started turning
away low ballers, whiners, hagglers. Cause you know I started making decent money and didn’t need slave wages anymore. Since it’s a business. Well this apparently set someone off.

Got nailed with an intellectual property or copyright infringement complaint.

I write reviews, proof read papers, etc… All my own original work… From scratch every single time. Even if they order 100 gigs at once they’re never copy pasted. So right there not possible.

Secondly there was a chance it was the image on the actual gig. Nope. I get almost all my images from: public-domain-image dot com.

So again nope.

Lastly not one single negative review. I had until they took down that gig 48 positive glowing reviews on my work. Now I have 3. Although it still says I have 48 reviews. lol

So I asked who it was that filed the complaint naturally. Since I’ve gotten no terms of service violation notices in my email inbox at all. I also immediately started logging into sites to see if I could. To check if an account was banned. Nope. No notices. No account ban. So pretty sure it was a user complaint for probably misrepresenting myself or some other garbage.

The response has been thus far: We can’t disclose how our editorial staff works.
When asked for who filed the complaint.

I’m currently fighting to get it reinstated. So WARNING to all sellers this is something that’s not heavily patrolled. Watch YOUR backs cause there are all kinds of scumbags out there.

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How do you know it was a copyright issue? From your post and the response from CS, it sounds like a different issue related to 3rd party sites. You mentioned that the gig might have been one that offered reviews. If so, where did you publish reviews for your buyers?

Edit: I looked at your profile and would like to offer a heads up. I saw these parts in one of your gigs: “I have created this gig due to a take down. I am writing this to inform current and past clients that your reviews of me have also apparently been removed if they were attached to the prior gig.”

“I will gladly review your book on whatever site you wish it reviewed on that I can reasonably access.”

This is a large part of your problem. It’s not 3rd party copyright, it’s 3rd party terms. Improbably wasn’t a buyer who complained, but a site owner where you published a review. Many sites longer allow any paid reviews at all, even honest ones, so Fiverr policy has changed. You can still write reviews and let the buyer post them, or write reviews for your personal review blog. You cannot publish reviews on Amazon, Yelp, GoodReads, or dozens of others sites. Fiverr is gradually taking down all gigs that offer 3rd part site reviews.

The second problem you have is that some of your new gigs appear to be duplicates. Fiverr may remove those. Also, you used the same primary gig image on multiple gigs. Each gig needs it’s own.

Hope that helps.

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Yeah the images were place holders I’ve replaced them since then with an original for each of the others. I understand that but I would have liked the chance to edit it first you know. There are multiple categories that overlap though in some cases far as the duplicates. But if you think taking down the dupes is a good idea I’ll get right on it. Really trying to just get my name out there. I’ve had a passion for reading and writing. I thought getting a book and getting paid to read something I enjoyed was a win/win for both parties you know. It just hurt a bit cause it was sudden, no recourse, and I honestly didn’t lie on any of them. I used to turn down the ones that were 20 page cash grabs, riddled with typos, or just plain horrible. Thanks for all the input though I do appreciate it.

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