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How to block a Seller from contacting you? Or deal with the abuse [ARCHIVED]


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Hi there,

Just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else on this site?

I just had a horrid experience with a whiteboard illustrator Manuel who was going to do a 15 second illustration for me so that I could see what his work was like before proceeding with larger gigs.

I paid and then the epic communication began. It was my first time using the site so I didn’t understand the rules and didn’t understand when he said that the gig was done within the first email. He kept writing communication in script text and attaching it instead of emailing the content for Fiverr to see. I should have suspected something then but it was all so new I thought that might be how it was done. I spoke to him for over a week about what I wanted - he just kept on getting back to me trying to get me to move off the site and onto his site and pay a few hundred $$.

I wasn’t against this, but I first wanted to see what his work was like. He never got back to me. 2 weeks later and I wrote to him twice. No response. I had enough, I needed these illustrations for a presentation at work where I was requesting thousands of our marketing budget dollars to come up with a whole whiteboard illustration campaign. I complained to Fiverr and they gave my money back. It wasn’t about the money it was about the time wasted talking to this scammer who was never going to deliver on his promise in the first place.

Then the abuse started. Please see emails below. I have written to Fiverr to request they block this seller from contacting me but they haven’t done a thing!

Love to know what you think I should do next? I don’t really want to leave Fiverr just after one bad apple, but I don’t know that there is another option?

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Totally unprofessional… I do hope that Fiverr does do something about this. And, it’s against the website’s TOS to move work OFF the Fiverr platform.

Now, it’s possible that you were asking for the moon for $5… But, from my POV, it sounds like you were willing to pay more so long as the seller was cooperative. From what I see on their end, it doesn’t appear so.

Again, there are two sides to every story. Seeing this though just makes my blood boil. Totally unprofessional. As for blocking, it’s possible that you can click on the report spam link in the messages and block the seller that way. Not sure if that’s the case for buyers or not but it’s how I deal with buyers if I don’t want them contacting me.

Good luck!

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Have you blocked them from contacting you?

If you have but they keep coming through do any or all of these things:

a) ignore them all together, don’t respond regardless of the amount of messages

b) screen shot their messages as they come in and send them to CS

c) reply with a copy and pasted content of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and thats

"Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account blocked permanently.

Fiverr reserves the right to put any account on hold or permanently cancel accounts due to breach of these terms or any illegal or inappropriate use of the site or services. Users with accounts on hold will not be able to sell or buy on Fiverr."

If being ignored or having the terms posted to them as a warning doesn’t stop them from bullying… and you keep sending the screenshots proving the abuse it still going on Fiverr will act and close down their account or place it under restrictions. Harassment isn’t tolerated in the community, but Fiverr has to be aware of it to be do something about it!

Hope that helps, and good luck!

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