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What buyers should look out for before buying a jingle


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Hello, im quite new to fiverr with just a month experience but i have years of expereince rendering my services on other platforms. ive been able to study a lot on here and ive gained more knowledge about buying,selling and branding.
In the business world of today, all business need a very good advert which is in for of graphics and audios.
Getting a good audio for your advert is sacrosanct as the business itself and you need an experienced hand with integrity.
what you need to look out for when in need of audio adverts and jingles:

  1. Samples posted on the gig
  2. Ratings
  3. Reviews
  4. The response of the seller when you contact him via private message
  5. Professionalism- An audio man who wants to make your advert must definitely have a good recording studio and great vocalists.
    If these are critically looked into before buying a gig from an audio man, you will always get your job done by the best hands.
    If you need any radio advert, jingles, or any audio work done, feel free to contact me or any other seller with credibility on here
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