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Tips For New Sellers


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Hey Fiverr Community , My Name Is Deaven Miller! I joined Fiverr roughly about a week ago , and So far I’ve earned $100 On just 9 Sales! I love this Platform and Highly respect it , to me its not about the money its about developing a lasting friendships with clients! Yes of course you need money to keep your business running , but that should not be your main goal! I’ve met some very intelligent , Understanding people that I am now friends with. I am a Songwriter and my passion is also writing , and making video content. But enough about me lets get into the tips That I’ve picked up in this short amount of time that has helped me greatly!

  1. When Creating a Gig , Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes - What I mean by this is , if you were looking to purchase a service and came across the Gig you created (For this example say its someone else’s Gig) Would you purchase it? Is it worth the money and does it provide you with something that is Unqiue or highly needed? Once you put yourself in the buyers perspective , you will see things from a different view that will greatly benefit you and help you improve the overall quality of your Gig!

  2. Respond To every Message & Question!
    Responding to a question as fast as possible not only increases your response time percentage but provides the buyer with a comforting feeling , knowing they will have their questions answered in a timely fashion!
    Also you want to answer every question as good as you can’t , so when they purchase your Gig they will know exactly what they are paying for and this prevents you from receiving a bad review due to a misunderstanding!

  3. Be UNIQUE - Fiverr has a large amount of people selling services , when creating your Gig think about this , what makes your Gig different than everyone else’s? When you create an Unqiue Gig that buyers can not get any where else you now become the only person selling this service so that will benefit you Greatly! Be unique is a guaranteed way to generate sales , Just make sure your Gig is able to get seen and draw in traffic!

Don’t get discouraged as a new seller , Yes you may be new but so we’re all the top seller before they reached their status! Be Unqiue , Provide top quality services , respect the buyers and answer any questions they may have and you will do just fine! I wish you all the best of luck with Fiverr , Part 2 of this post will be up tomorrow! Have a great day/night everyone!

  • Deaven Miller
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Welcome Deaven Miller 🙂
these were some good tips, you should concentrate now on promoting your gig online. there are a ton of methods for that but the ones that have worked for me can be found here

favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Want to promote your gig online ? Read this

So the question “how should I promote my gigs online” has been asked many times and has been answered many times. New sellers usually have a lot of trouble getting their sales up. But sometimes seasoned sellers also need an exposure boost. There are...

take a look and Best of luck 🙂


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Very encouraging tip…but i am currently experiencing a bit of challenge as a new seller on Fiver…though i have been around much i am new to this platform…i must tell you it is not as easy as people describe it to be…i am hopeful that with time tings will get better…Thanks though

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Sorry to hear that henry015 ,
What I recommend doing is do as much research as you possibly can about Fiverr , increasing sales ect. watch YouTube tutorials about making more Sales , Read Blog post about Fiverr , Check the tips and tricks section of the Fiverr blog and ultimately try your best to promote your gigs! The more you know the better off you become. You will make sales eventually , If your gigs do not sale try changing the descriptions , Title’s , tags ect. Or trying offering new services! I wish you the best and hope you get some sales!

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I don’t think the idea of “developing lasting friendships with clients” is a particularly good goal! If I felt that was what a seller was aiming for with me, I wouldn’t appreciate it to be honest.
Don’t get me wrong, I am friendly, helpful, care about my clients and go above and beyond what’s asked of me by them. This is with the aim of delivering my services to the absolute best of my ability, not so I can have a nice chat with them whenever they are bored…
It is the results of this aim, not the aim to be friends, that brings people back to me. In reality, I won’t ever actually be friends with anyone I meet on here, we can’t even communicate outside of Fiverr, and people don’t come on Fiverr just to chat. I have buyers and sellers that I have worked with repeatedly since I started on here but there aren’t any times that our friendly conversation goes beyond quick small talk.

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