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  1. The best and most useful formats will be PNG and EPS. While png will serve you every where. EPS vector files are the best and most suitable for printing.
  2. well according to my experience there are quite a few types of buyers on fiverr, those who are tight on money and try to make the maximum out of their spending, those types usually read the description and do try to make life easier for us, but others are those who just randomly purchase the same service from a number of buyers, without even reading the description, its is like throwing a lot of marbles and which ever one gets in the whole , they pick that one, and the rest they just ignore or leave a bad review without even stating as to why they left a bad review, so the only thing that we can do is to cancel such requests right away, . our hands are tied, we can do nothing about it. …
  3. he is not accusing you, he is praising you for not ripping it off of some one else post 😛 … great tips by the way, and unique,
  4. thank you for the great tips, what do you mean by always provide proof in the delivery, what kind of proof, and why is it necessary ? again, thank you for the great contribution
  5. buddy some times 1 star feedback is left purely due to misunderstandings, like once i sent a client a jpeg file of the logo only for approval and modifications, i wanted him to approve the design before i sent final files, but he thought that the jpeg i sent were the final files , so he left a 1 star review stating that i had not delivered all the files. so i contacted him and explained to him, and he apologized and revised the review, and has been one of my most regular customers. so i dont think that it is bad to communicate and try to persuade your client into giving you a good review, i break my back to serve my clients. so i dont think that i deserve a bad review for a misunderstood statement or miscommunication. i think you should not misguide the buyers into believing what you your self believe is right. Peace
  6. sometimes the sellers are just too lazy or uninformed to even complete an order, they grab the files we send them and they just leave, and i don’t think it is bad to request a five star review if the customer liked our service. i mean yes you should only ask for it if you think you did a good job 🙂 this would also remind him that he has to complete the order before leaving… but at the same time one should never DEMAND for a five star review or a tip if he thinks that the customer was not satisfied, that would only Back fire.
  7. sending files Via drop box or any other source outside of fiverr ? isn’t that against fiverr Terms ?
  8. Good info. Thank you for sharing. I think for new sellers it is more important that the fiverr staff like your gig. Only then they will put you in the recommended section on top. And that y is when you will get orders from real clients. 🙂 Slowly you will drop in the recommended section but will begin to rise in toprated section. This is how it works. Thanks a ton for sharing bro
  9. good advice there. but the problem for 99% of the new sellers is " how to get their first sale " … that is what most people do not know, please share your knowledge for that topic too 🙂 good work, keep it up
  10. these are all fake promises, nothing happens, if he was such a guru why would he be selling gigs on fiver, he could use his marketing skills to sell stones and rocks to people for money. (yes people do that. search for Pet rocks).
  11. Be very polite and respectful… you can download the fiverr app, this will help you to respond immediately to any questions. following are the things that i do which earn me a lot of sales. offer freebies and get amazing review. if your customer is really happy you can ask him to share your gig.join relevant forums and offer your services in your signature. but do not spam with your promotions. contribute in a positive way.you can check out my detailed post on this topic here Fiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.pngWant to promote your gig online ? Read thisSo the question “how should I promote my gigs online” has been asked many times and has been answered many times. New sellers usually have a lot of trouble getting their sales up. But sometimes seasoned sellers also need an exposure boost. There are...
  12. Fiverr Gig ranking system is simple … more $ you make, the higher you will rank in the categories.
  13. i thinks it would be expensive to use Google adverts for fiverr gigs. since the gig profit is only $4. it takes upto 100 clicks just to get 1 sale. a click costs from $.01 to $10 (if i am right) i dont think that it is a suitable format of marketing fiverr gigs. that is what i know. may be i am wrong … thanks for the beer 😛
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